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Winter Holiday in Turkey 10 Place

Winter Holiday in Turkey 10 Place

Turn your winter days into an opportunity and have more fun than you ever expected. Even though many people don’t look at the idea of ​​a winter holiday, having a holiday in winter can be more fun than you think.We live in a country with great potential in winter tourism and winter can be a very enjoyable season for us. So where it is made winter holiday in Turkey? In fact, we have compiled the basic information you need to know about ten winter tourism centers that are not far away. Choosing one of these ten centers will not be easy for those who think about a winter holiday.

1. Erzurum, Palandöken

Palandöken with 2466 bed capacity is Turkey’s largest ski resort. The most attractive feature of the center is undoubtedly the second longest and steepest ski slope in the world. Another important advantage is that the Palandoken Winter Sports Center is only 7 km away from the city center and is very easy to reach. Thanks to the international organizations it hosts, the center is increasing its popularity day by day. A reminder for enthusiasts, Erzurum will host EYOF 2017 next February.

2. Bursa, Uludağ

Uludag is undoubtedly Turkey’s most popular ski resort. Considering the bed capacity and facilities, Uludağ is the second biggest winter sports center of our country. Uludağ ski resort is one of the most suitable centers for Alpine and Northern discipline and “Tour skiing” and “Helicopter skiing”. In addition, Uludag has become famous for its colorful nightlife and for those who want to have short getaways in winter.

3. Bolu, Köroglu

Köroğlu can be described as the perfect meeting of white and green. The long winter season and snow quality can be considered as important advantages of the Köroğlu ski resort. For those who want to enjoy green and white, Bolu is right next to us.

4. Kayseri, Erciyes

The strengths of Erciyes Winter Sports Center include the ability to offer a wide range of ski runs for all levels of skiers, the availability of water reserves for artificial snow production and a 25-minute access to the airport.

5. Kastamonu, Cankiri

One of the most important features of the center, which is located in Ilgaz National Park, is the possibility of skiing at night. Along with winter tourism, the center is waiting for its visitors with its natural beauties.

6. Kocaeli Restaurant Reviews, Kartepe

Only 115 km from Istanbul, Kartepe’s nature attracts attention with its runways, modern ropeway and chairlift systems. The center, which also includes artificial snow systems, can be a powerful alternative for those looking for a winter holiday close to Istanbul.

7. Kars, Sarıkamış

The crystal-clear nature of the crystal-covered snow makes it fascinating for those who come to Sarıkamış. The center is regarded as one of the most suitable regions in the world in terms of snow quality and ski slope. Another important advantage of Sarıkamış is that it has a long season for skiing between December and April.

8. Isparta, Davraz Mountain

There are ski tracks suitable for both amateur and professional skiers. On Davraz Mountain, northern and alpine skiing, tour skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, botanical observation, paragliding and trekking are possible.

9. Sivas, Yildiz Mountain

Star Mountain, one of Turkey’s newest ski resorts, attracts attention with its growing potential. Yıldız Mountain, whose facilities were completed in 2015, will be showcased this season.

10. Erzincan, Mount Ergan

Spending 180 days of the year on the snow, Mount Ergan has a serious tourism potential thanks to its location just 12 km from the city center. With the completion of the facilities in the center is expected to become a major winter sports attraction center.

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