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Which countries can I travel to after Covid 19 ?

Which countries can I travel to after Covid 19 ?

In which country are the most secure citizens against Covid-19 disease in the world where quarantine methods are applied due to coronavirus epidemic?

According to a new study health and economic concerns of the citizens who have the most confidence in Europe increased during this period in Germany, while Turkey is after.

How was the calculation done?

Deep Knowledge Group, a London-based artificial intelligence and data analysis company, analyzes and comparatively reports large amounts of data from countries struggling with coronavirus from the moment of its occurrence.’Quarantine Activity’ according to available data when researching the health and safety level of countries. 24 parameters were used in 4 different categories such as ‘Government’s Managing Crisis Effectiveness’, ‘Monitoring and Detection’ and ‘Emergency Treatment Capacity’.For example, when countries introduced the first restrictions, data were analyzed on how often these restrictions were violated, the scope of the travel ban, when Covid-19 tests could be made available, and how good hospital equipment the hospitals had.In the analysis of the analysis company, which measures the risk order of the countries, many factors such as Covid-19 infection and mortality rates, quarantine monitoring process, detection and management were examined. In the research, Italy, USA, England, Spain and France were the top five risky countries.

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