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Where can I visit near Istanbul ? - تور فور اربز
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Where can I visit near Istanbul ?

Where can I visit near Istanbul ?

Kandıra is a district of Kocaeli province. Since industry does not come to this region, its natural and historical beauties are like before. It is a favorite place for autumn lovers and photographers with its Yesil waters, sandy beaches, bays and cliffs in summer, green forests turning brown and orange in autumn and winter, and winding wooded mountain paths.This is one of the most ideal routes you can go from Istanbul for a weekend, if you wish for a day or 1 Night stay. It’s a place where you can set off early in the morning, have a nice breakfast, pass through mountainous roads and charming villages, and have a great time.  Agva: Agva is a place near Göksu River filled with cute cafes and boutique hotels for breakfast. If you have a car, you can also take short walks by the sea at the coast of Chile and the centre of Agva, or trekking in the lap of nature in the more mountainous parts.You can also find very nice boutique hotels.

Sardala Bay: it is called Phuket of Turkey. Sardala Bay is located 110 km from Istanbul and 10 km from Agva. It’s pretty quiet except in summer. Ideal for camping, especially in spring or early autumn. As you continue from agva to Kerpe, after passing Pınarlı village, you will have reached this cove in Çalköy, which is connected to Kocaeli, after taking another 4 km road and 1 km from the Forest Road.

Bağırganlı Village: This is a beautiful, charming place located about 13 km from Kandıra district center. Especially in the summer or spring months, you can spend a peaceful, quiet weekend in the coves and the surrounding beaches covered with greenery, as the weather begins to cool with autumn and these places become quite desolate.

Sarisu: located 8 km from Kandıra district center, 1 km from the Black Sea coast, it is a place of unique beauty with forests that contain every shade of green. Hidden paradise with its magnificent beauty. This is an ideal place to swim, camp, sunbathe and fish.If you have thought about where to stay until this point, as you continue from Agva to Kerpe, Tuzukurukamp in sardala Bay, Nature tent camp near Kandıra, Ömerağzı camp, sarısu youth camp are ideal for those who want to throw tents.

Kerpe: Kandıra is a coastal town with natural beauty on the Black Sea coast, located about 7 km from the district center. The bay, with its immaculate sea waters at kerpe, is charming with its undulating view and clear water. There are many hostels, cafes and restaurants lined up one after the other on the Kerpe Coast. Especially in the summer, the region is very quiet in the autumn and winter, and it is almost deserted. But it still promises peace and plenty of rest to those who come. You can go up to Babadağı, which is the highest place in kerpe, with an altitude of about 400 metres, and watch a bird’s-eye view of Kerpe.

Kerpe Kartal Cliffs: Kerpe also attracts tourists with its interesting shaped cliffs that have formed in thousands of years with the abrasion of the Black Sea’s harsh waves and winds. The most interesting cliff formation of the region, which is called Eagle Rocks, is one of the most curious places with Kerpe Castle right next to it.

Kumcak Beach: Kandıra District of Kerpe 10 minutes ‘ walk away from the beach is a beach with clean sea and thin sand. In the middle of the 15 km Long Beach, the kumcak creek that divides the beach in two flows. The section of the creek behind the beach can be used for fishing.Yesil Bay, Kapri Beach, mussel Bay in kerpe especially in summer, other places to enter the sea.Kefken is one of the most lively coastal towns in summer, such as Kerpe, and quiet in autumn and winter. If you are going to Kefken in summer you can go to the sea and camp plenty. Those who will go in the cold weather can do a lot of hiking.

Kefken Island: Kefken Island is a 5-minute boat ride from Cebeci Coast. Kefken Island is considered a site because of the historical remains found here. The island is closed to visitors due to its being a site. The island contains a 14-meter-long historical Lighthouse, a castle dating from the Genoese, and water wells.

Cebeci Coast: one of the clean beaches where you can enjoy the Sea. Kerpe-Kefken beaches are blue flagged. It is one of the places to go to sea in Kefken in Cebeci or to visit for long walks outside the sea season.

Pink rocks: pink rocks are the most natural and beautiful place in the region. The pink rocks on the coast are a spectacular sight, with sunlight hitting them. In addition, another feature of this place is that the rocks are soft in the water and Harden after a while after they come out of the water. This region, which is quite windy, is full of those who jump from the cliffs in summer and go into the sea, and those who fish in winter and are fascinated by the landscape. It is definitely one of the natural beauties to go and see.Continue towards Sakarya Karasu and see Acarlar Longozu and Maden Creek is one of the places we would recommend.The places to visit in Akcakoca, which we recommend as the last stop, are the village of Dadali, the cave of Fakilli, the castle of Genoese, the Hemşin Village, the Aktaş waterfall.

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