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What is Jet Lag? - تور فور اربز
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What is Jet Lag?

What is Jet Lag?

I hear that they are jet lag, especially in holiday stories I listen to from friends who often fly to faraway countries, and unfortunately spend several days of their holidays troubled. Since I know this, I take certain precautions before every trip.  In this article I will tell you what you need to know about jetlag and the precautions that can be taken. First, let me start with the definition of jet lag: Jet lag is a condition seen in long-term airplane travel, caused by the inability of the human body to keep up with this rapid change between time periods.  In short, it is a body rhythm disorder caused by the difference between the local time of the place we are going and the biological time of our bodies.

The inability of the body clock to adapt to change, insomnia and stressful situations, diseases caused by dry air in the aircraft, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, staying still for hours and cabin pressure are some of the main causes of jet lage. Jet lag duration, symptoms and methods of recovery vary from person to person.Research shows that jet lag situations occur more often on West-to-east flights and daytime flights. There are some symptoms such as insomnia, extreme fatigue, stomach and headaches, disorientation, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeats and coordination disorders. Those with Jet lag may experience problems especially with their mental activities such as reading, perception of direction, concentration.

So how are you less affected by jet lag?

Jet lag is less common in young people and children because it can keep up with the changes more quickly than in the elderly, or it can be easily avoided. The fact that children sleep during the day is one of the major factors in getting them through this situation. People with Jet lag need to try to adapt to where they are going as quickly as possible. Going out into the daylight after travel is also the right way to adapt. In fact, if possible, a few days before such flights it is useful to make arrangements for your body clock during sleep and working hours. If you are going to stay there less than 2 days not to adapt, you will benefit from acting close to the body clock.Jet lag time varies depending on the person and the person adapting to the conditions, so there is no clear jump time.What is turbulence?Turbulence is the fearful dream of those who travel by plane because of the displacement of hot, cold air or movement in the clouds due to the effect of the wind. During turbulence, the aircraft sways, making loud noises, and this leaves those who are particularly afraid of the aircraft in a rather difficult situation. In fact, when strong turbulence is entered, there are even bouncers due to the wobble. That’s why wearing your seatbelt throughout the flight is the most reliable way.

What happens during turbulence?

During turbulence, aircraft can lose altitude by hundreds of metres, sometimes with very severe jolts as well. Passengers may jump. Could be the ones that hit his head or other parts of his body. There may even be injuries in severe turbulence. In fact, pilots are often given information about routes that may be turbulent during flight. Sometimes pilots can give warning speeches about it. Always keep your seatbelt on when you receive such a warning. Avoid drinking something hot even while catering.

What should those who fear turbulence do?

If turbulence scares you, don’t fly on the wings. When you Check in, you should indicate that you have such a fear that you want to fly in the middle rows. You also have a high risk of sudden turbulence, especially if you are travelling over high seas such as the ocean. Pilots, stewardesses, or frequent air travelers are not afraid to get into turbulence they don’t panic too much as they enter, but turbulence is not pleasant for those who have a fear of aircraft or for those who board a plane for the first time. You might think of turbulence as a wave at the sea surface. You should try to stay calm by thinking that turbulence is like a ripple forming on the air surface.

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