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What are Covid 19 Measures at Istanbul Airport?

What are Covid 19 Measures at Istanbul Airport ?

The Turkish company’s procedures vary between what is applied before travel, and inside airports, and those related to entering and disembarking from airplanes, receiving bags and conducting medical checks, in addition to continuous sterilization at airports and airplanes to ensure that the possibility of infection with the Coronavirus is reduced to the lowest level, and even to zero.Here are the complete procedures in detail:Get ready for the tripIn order to reduce friction to the lowest possible level, Turkish Airlines advised its passengers to take procedures to confirm the flight through the website or mobile application, despite the continuation of its full office services inside the airports.The company instructed travelers to wear face masks from the moment they move from the house towards the airport, which is compulsory from the moment of entry and later on board the plane, followed by changing the muzzle once every 4 hours as a maximum.It also requires procedures to sterilize hands, and a precise mechanism has been put in place for disposing of used masks as part of the conditions for disposing of “medical waste”.After Turkish Airlines used to allow passengers to carry a bag weighing 10 kilograms inside the plane, it now only allows a small bag with a weight of no more than 4 kilograms and contains basic baby supplies, and personal supplies that contain one of the following items (laptop, cameras, handbags), on The rest of the luggage is to be accommodated in the cabin.

Compulsory travel symbol

According to the instructions and procedures of the Ministry of Health, every citizen who intends to travel from Turkey internally or to any country must obtain a special code for travel, which is considered as granting permission or refusal of a person to travel on airplanes, which is a procedure applied by Turkish Airlines. The symbol (HES) is an abbreviation for the name of an application established by the Turkish Ministry of Health under the name (Home Expands Life) through which the movement of citizens is tracked and the possibility of their contact with people infected with the virus is revealed and whether they were in safe or dangerous circles, and as a result they are allowed or banned from traveling.Passengers are advised to go to the airport 3 hours before their departure time to relieve congestion, and you can also do a corona examination at the airport and receive the result after two hoursTherefore, if you want to do a corona examination at the airport, you must go to the airport 4 to 5 hours beforehand to be careful and not to delay the flight appointmentAfter each flight, the company conducts an extensive sterilization process for its aircraft using the latest available technology and within strict standards that include all details in the plane from seats and tables to belts, window handles, drawers, all control buttons and screens, in addition to toilets and air outlets.All travelers outside Turkey must do the Corona examination and the tests required by the country they go toFinally, we wish you good health and a happy and safe journey

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What are Covid 19 Measures at Istanbul Airport?

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