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Uzungol - تور فور اربز
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Uzungöl, which is known as the “end of the world” by the local people, which takes place in our minds with its tight forests when it is called the Black Sea, is one of the important natural beauties of our country, and every day our hotel beauty, away from the fascinating view of this natural beauty by our hotel operators, restaurants and people. Uzungöl, where you can witness a unique beauty when viewed from a height of 2300 meters, welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Uzungöl locality is known as “Saraho” in Greek in 1586 when looking at the settlement records. In a certain period of history, after a natural disaster that is known as “Şerah”, Solaklı Creek is blocked and thus a long lake is formed. This natural beauty has been known as ‘Uzungöl‘ ever since.While Uzungöl was connected to Of district of Trabzon for the first time in history, it has been connected to Çaykara district since 1948. The area of ​​Uzungöl is completely covered with forest and is very rich in wildlife, flora and fauna. Uzungöl is 1000 meters long, 500 meters wide and about 15 meters deep.

What to do in Uzungöl?

Bicycle RentalHikingCampBlack Sea BreakfastParagliding

Places to Visit in Uzungol


Uzungol Mosque

Although the construction of Uzungöl Mosque, which is one of the symbols of Uzungöl, is not very old, the mosque integrated with Uzungöl seems to be 600 meters away with its minarets. In order not to lose the visuality of the mosque, painting works were made from time to time. The view of Uzungöl Mosque is also magnificent in the evening. Especially professional photographers love to take photos of Uzungöl and the mosque. 

Şekersu Plateau

Şekersu Plateau in Çaykara is one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon. The plateau, formerly Sakarsu, is adjacent to the villages of Karaçam and Yaylaönü. You can go to the plateau, which is closed to the settlement due to the climatic conditions in winter, in the summer months. 

Haldizen Plateau

Haldizen Plateau is also known as Demirkapı Plateau and it is one of the most active places in the Black Sea. You can easily go to Haldizen Plateau from Uzungöl. The plateau, 16 kilometers away from Şerah Village of Uzungöl, is reached through the forest.

Garester Plateau

 Garester Plateau, one of Uzungöl’s beautiful plateaus, is also worth seeing. It is located in the south of Uzungöl, and when you go up to the plateau, you will not get enough to watch the amazing view of Uzungöl.

What to Eat in Uzungol?

MıhlamaAnchovy riceCabbage soupCabbage wrap with meatCorn breadTurkish delightPopeKeteRice pudding 

Best Hotels of Uzungol

Aygun motel

Goblec hotel

Grand uzungol

Royal uzungol

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