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Tuzla İstanbul - تور فور اربز
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Tuzla İstanbul



It is the border region on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is located in the southwest of Kocaeli Peninsula in the Marmara Region. There is Pendik District in the north and west, Gebze District (Kocaeli) in the east and Marmara Sea in the south. Tuzla, with a surface area of ​​86 square kilometers, became a district in 1992.It took its name from the Salt Lake, which met the salt needs of Istanbul during the Ottoman Emperior Period..Although the history of Tuzla is very old, according to the information we have obtained from historical sources, the settled life dates back to before Christ. It is stated that in 1403, a commander of the Pecheneg Turks, whose name could not be identified, stayed in this region for one night with an army of 1500 people. It is understood from historical information that it was once a hunting ground. Abdurrahman Gazi; He took Yalova, Kartal and Tuzla and conquered the Aydos castle.Formula 1 Istanbul Race Track and Facilities Project is located within the borders of our Tuzla district and covers a total area of ​​​​2,215,000 m2.The Formula 1 project contributes to the promotion of our Tuzla and our country, tourism revenues and sports activities. FORMULA 1 auto racing, which is considered as one of the most interesting sports events in the world, is held regularly in various countries of the world every year and is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The first of the races, which made a very important contribution to the economy and promotion of our country, was held in Istanbul in 2005.

Tuzla Places to Visit

  • Planetarium and Observatory
  • Viaport Marina
  • ViaSea Themepark, Aquarium, Family Entertainment Center
  • HoloZoo Noah’s Ark
  • Tuzla Monastery Bay
  • Holographic Zoo
  • Tuzla Beach
  • Thermal Springs
  • City and Exchange Museum
  • Coral Ancient Breakwater
  • Small Icmeler Healing Waters Fountain
  • Tuzla Municipality Waterfall Education Park


Tuzla Districts

  • Akfırat
  • Aydınlı
  • Icmeler
  • Station
  • Mimar Sinan
  • Orhanli

Important Places to See Near Tuzla

Pendik Carsi

The wide bazaar in the center of Pendik, the district of Istanbul, has ample opportunities where you can find everything you are looking for in the same spot. The distance from Tuzla to Pendik Bazaar is approximately 15 km.

Pendik Marinturk

Located in the neighboring district of Tuzla, Marintürk offers our visitors the opportunity to spend pleasant hours with its restaurants and cafes next to rows of yachts. Tuzla is approximately 15 km from Marinturk.

Restaurants in Tuzla

  • Restaurant with Sea View: Tuzla Fisherman
  • All Types of Meatballs: Curious Meatballs
  • Flavor from the Sea: Colaklar Sea Cuisine
  • Tastes from the World Cuisine: Happy Moon’s
  • Feel in the Aegean: Tuzla Yacht Club Restaurant
  • Pub Cuisine: The North Shield
  • Balkan Tastes: Sandzak Balkan Cuisine
  • Grill and Kebab: Kebapçı Uzunlar
  • The Address of Coffee in Tuzla: Caribou Coffee
  • Döner and İskender: Evin Döner
  • From the Stone Oven: Yiğitali Usta Pita & Lahmacun
  • Antep Baklava: Famous Gaziantep Baklava Maker Mehmet Usta
  • Tasty Wraps: 01 Adanalım Kebab & Wrap House


Tuzla Nightlife

  • Live Music and Scenery: The North Shield Pub
  • Pub Concept: Saki Restaurant
  • Entertainment and Chat: Bistro Black
  • Grill Concept: Döngel Grill Restaurant
  • Nightclub: Dodo Sea Club

Tuzla Hotels

  • Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul
  • Holiday Inn Istanbul
  • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Istanbul
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