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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

What Are The Conditions For Turkish Citizenship? Who Can Apply?

According to the new regulation amending the Turkish Citizenship Law, some foreign investors will be exempted from the ordinary application procedures and conditions under the Law No. 5901, provided that they fulfill the following criteria.

Property Owners:

Foreigners who buy real estate (house) in Turkey for a price of “two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars” [at least 000.-USD] can apply for Turkish Citizenship. But the owner (buyer) must register a special case with the Deed (Title). This special condition is that “the new buyer will not sell the house within 3 years”. And this sentence (condition) must be registered in the Title Deed and Title Deed (Deed).

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization ( will check whether these two conditions are met. In an other saying; The Ministry of Urban Planning will look at the value of the house and then look at the Land Registry if there is a special case written on the deed. Then, the Ministry of Urbanization approves the foreigner to apply for Turkish Citizenship.


Foreign investors who have invested at least 000.-USD in fixed capital in Turkey can apply for Turkish Citizenship (ie investing in manufacturing companies, industrial facilities, OR buying the shares of these companies). The Ministry of Industry and Technology ( will check whether this money has actually been deposited, then approve the transaction and the foreigner will be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship.


Foreign Businessmen who have a workplace with at least 50 employees in Turkey can apply for Turkish Citizenship. However, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Security ( will check whether 50 people work in that company.

Bank Account Holders:

Foreigners who have a bank account in Turkey (at least 000.-USD) can apply for Turkish Citizenship, provided that they do not withdraw money before the 3-year period expires (on condition). . In such a period, he may receive interest on his foreign currency.

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency ( will check whether the money has been deposited into a Turkish account and then approve the foreigner to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Turkish Government Bonds:

Foreigners who purchase at least 000.-USD of Government Bonds (or any debt instrument issued by the Turkish Government) can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance ( will check whether the foreigner has such bonds, and then the Ministry will give its written approval. With this approval, the foreigner can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Real Estate Investment Trust:

Foreigners who participate in Real Estate Investment Funds or receive a “participation share” of at least 000.-USD from these Funds can apply for Turkish Citizenship. However, the investor will undertake to hold (not sell) these Funds for 3 years.

The Turkish Capital Markets Board ( will check whether such an investment has been made in the said Funds. Then it gives approval to foreigners to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Important Note:

Investing in Turkey DOES NOT automatically (do not grant) Turkish Citizenship to those foreigners. Foreigners who are approved by the relevant Ministry will be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

How To Apply?

Foreigners who meet the above-mentioned criteria must obtain an official statement from the relevant Ministry in order to apply. In other words, the foreigner CANNOT APPLY for Turkish Citizenship without the written approval of the Ministry. FOREIGN FAMILY MEMBERS? According to the new regulation at, foreigners who have applied for citizenship (published in the Official Gazette dated September 19, 2018) will be able to apply for their families as well.

This application will be limited to the following;

  • Wife
  • Children under 18 years old.


Citizenship Application Documents

Here is the short list of documents required for Citizenship Application in Turkey. Please note that these are general documents and additional documents and information may be requested from the person himself.


  • Application Form
  • Official Statement from related Ministry (showing that foreigner fulfils the criteria)
  • Birth Certificate (approved by Turkish Consulate in foreigner’s country OR apostilled as per Lahey Convention dated 6 Oct. 1961)
  • Civil Status (which shows if he is single OR married. Also names, surnames of his family members) This one is also must be either apostilled or approved by Turkish Consulate in his country.
  • Notarised copy of his Passport.

Where To Apply?

Prelimary Application (Ön-Başvuru) will be made to “Directorate General of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs” in each city of Turkey or Turkish Consulates abroad. Foreigners residing in Turkey can apply for an Identity Card.

If they are abroad, they can make a “Pre-Application” to the Turkish Consulate in their country. Foreigners residing in Turkey must have a “Residence Permit”. The application can be made by the foreigner himself or through his/her representative.

 Application procedure is given below with graphics:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:If foreigner give false and fraudulent information or documents, his application will be rejected. If such false documents and information is learned after having Turkish Citizenship, OR if foreigner shall not comply with the requirement (such as not selling the house for 3 years, OR not withdraw money from his Bank Account for 3 years) then Citizenship will be CANCELLED.

How Long Time Will It Take?

Since it is a new law, we can not tell you the exact time. However it is expected to complete all procedure within 6 months.



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  • CÜNEYT BODUR (Senior Attorney at Law)
  • ÇAĞATAY UĞUR (Associate Attorney at Law).


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