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What is Turbulence?

Turbulence means rocking of the aircraft due to disruption of air flow, which is one of the aiding elements of the aircraft. In addition, turbulence can be defined as an air pocket, causing the aircraft to lose some altitude suddenly.

Causes Turbulence?

The air that forms our atmosphere is always in motion. An airplane takes advantage of this mobility of air when flying. In order for the aircraft to fly stably, the air currents flowing under and over the wings must be regular. As a result of some weather events, these air currents may deteriorate and air voids may form. Turbulence may also occur in these cases. There are many factors in turbulence. Turbulence names are shaped according to these factors. For example, open air turbulence, temperature deviation turbulence and spurt turbulence. Turbulence is still an academic subject. It is therefore difficult to make a clear definition about the number of factors that cause turbulence.

What Does Turbulence Mean?

Entering turbulence means that the aircraft is caught in a distorted stream of air during flight. During the turbulence, the aircraft may shake and vibrate. Some turbulence is severe, some are very mild. The pilots talk about the turbulence and ask you to wear your seat belt. In this case it is very important that you fasten the seat belt. Because severe turbulence can swing you. According to a study conducted in the USA, only 58 of the 800 million passengers traveling in 2015 were damaged due to turbulence and the majority of these passengers were not wearing seat belts.

How Long Does Turbulence Last?

The duration of turbulence as a result of weather events can be long or short, depending on the condition of the defective air flow or the air pocket.

Does Turbulence Lower the Aircraft?

Turbulence, which can cause panic in passengers, does not drop the aircraft. Airplanes are designed to withstand any turbulence. Severe turbulence may seem frightening, but pilots are specially trained in turbulence. So during turbulence, just make sure that your seat belt is fastened and wait for the turbulence to end. Air travel may be uncomfortable for a while due to turbulence. This is related to aircraft rocking during turbulence and is considered normal.

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