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Toy Museum in Turkey - تور فور اربز
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Toy Museum in Turkey

Toy Museum in Turkey

There is no age to visit the toy museum! So you know the number of toy museums in Turkey and where they are? Whether you want to give your child an unforgettable gift or to spend a day full of fun no matter how old you are, go on an unforgettable and fabulous journey in the best toy museums of our country. Toy Museum opened at different times in different cities of Turkey and the people of both the city has managed to become the eyes of the children as well as infants. We are sure that everyone who has stepped into a fairytale world starting from the historical journey of toys feels like a child here, even for a few hours..

Istanbul Toy Museum

Author and poet Sunay Akın founded and the first private Toy Museum Istanbul Toy Museum opened at the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey on April 23, 2005.Having collected many toys from all over the world for many years, Sunay Akın, after owning 7000 antique toys, decided to exhibit four thousand of them in a four-story building and established the Istanbul Toy Museum.

Antalya Toy Museum

Another toy museum established on April 23rd is the Toy Museum in Antalya, established in 2011. It is the symbol of the museum, which contains approximately 3000 toys from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bademler Village Toy Museum

Toy museums in Izmir must be seen. Bademler Village Toy Museum will be a fun destination you can see during your Izmir trip. Founded in 1990 by archaeologist Musa Baran in Bademler Village of Izmir’s Urla district, the museum hosts toys from different periods of history that have survived to the present day.

Ümran Baradan Toy Museum

Toy museums in Izmir are not limited to Bademler Village. Ümran Baradan Toy Museum, founded by the world-famous Ceramic Artist Ümran Baradan in 2004, welcomes its visitors in Konak district of Izmir. As you can see the first doll with real hair in Ümran Baradan Toy Museum, plush toys, toys from 1800s and many other fairy tale heroes will be waiting for you.

Gaziantep Toy Museum

Gaziantep Toy Museum, founded in 2013, hosts many toys from the 1700s to the present day. While visiting Gaziantep Toy Museum, you can feel yourself in a fairy tale house. Here, there are 600 toys, both fabricated and handmade.toy museum gazianteplocal clothes different from most important museums in Turkey where toys for children from different countries and cultures of the world on display. Ankara Toy Museum Turkey is one of the oldest toy museum Toy Museum Ankara‘s date of establishment dates back to 1990. There are countless toys that you can see, from toys brought from different countries of the world to traditional and antique toys. Ecological Toy Museum the different museums in Turkey’s toys list is undoubtedly.Ecological Toy MuseumThe Ecological Toy Museum, established in Tekkeköy in Samsun, hosts toys made from natural and wooden materials. There are also intelligence games and games that develop skills in this museum, which also has a wooden toy park and toy workshop.

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Toy Museum in Turkey

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