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Tours in Trabzon, Ayder, Uzungol and Sultanmurat - تور فور اربز
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Tours in Trabzon, Ayder, Uzungol and Sultanmurat

Tours in Trabzon, Ayder, Uzungol and Sultanmurat

Visit Sultan Murat Plateau and Uzungol on a private tour starting from Trabzon. Witness the traditional highland life, experience the awareness of being 2000m above sea level.

Trabzon, Ayder, Uzungol and Sultanmurat Tours are as follows:

Ayder Tour

Our first stop on our tour will be at Tekpa Shop which sells the famous Rize Fabric and clothes.

We continue to Firtina Valley where we will be able to experience exciting spors such as rafting in he river and Zip- Line to cross the 70m Valley.

After this exciting times we will head to Ayder Plateou to see the water falls, hot water springs and have lunch in the fresh air.

Our last stop on the way back to Trabzon will be at Ottoman bridge to drink Turkhis tea.

ayder tour


Uzungol Tour

Firstly we will head to Uzungol which is 100 Km away from Trabzon, on the way we will stop by a tea factory and taste the fresh produced the which is famous in this area.

The lake’s height is 1090 m above sea level which is located in the Middle of a Valley and was formed by landslides that blocked the stream bed and surrounded by glorious forst cover.

We will have lunch on the side of the lake and after that we will have a free time enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the nature.

uzungol tour



Ordu – Giresun – Boztepe Tour

We will start our journey by having breakfast on the seashore of Tirebolu then we will head to Giresun and visit its castle and enjoy the view from there. After thaht we will take the cable-car to clinb to Boztepe hill in Ordu City after that we will have free time in the city for shopping.

ordu tour


Zigana – Karaca – Hamsikoy Tour

Zigana Pass :

Is a mountain pass snow – covered five months a year. The zigana Tunnel under the pass, at an elevation of 1.795 m above sea level, is 1.702 m long, it is one of longest tunnels in the country.

Karaca Cave :

Is a network of caves located near the town of Torul. The cave of Karaca is rich in formation dripstones. These dripstones are in different shapes and colors. Inside the cave, there are dripstone stalactites, stalagmite, and travetines. There are also many cave roces located on some travertines and stalamites.

Hamsikoy :

Will be our last station and we will enjoy the taste of Sütlaç dessert in this historical village.

Trabzon City Tour

The Hagia Sophia Mosque :

The building, which is now used as a mosque, was built at the time of the 1st Manuel Komnenos (1238-1263). Following the conquest of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461 in Trabzon, the building was converted into a gallery and became a foundation work.

Sera Lake :

The length is 4 km. The average width is 150 m. The deepest place is 55 m.. It was formed by the closure of a slope after 3 km from the coast of the Sera valley, which was poured into the sea. The interesting thing is that it appears within a few days in front of the eyes of people on the spot.

Atatürk Pavilion :

It was built in a small pine tree in the Soğuksu district and built right in the beginning of the 20th century. During the visits of Trabzon in 1934 and 1937, Atatürk was guest in this mansion. After the death of the Great Leader, it was turned into a museum by Trabzon Municipality. Boztepe; Is a unique place with a panoramic view where you can take refuge from the city’s crowd.

Hıdırnebi & Çal Cave

After getting our guests from the hotel they are staying in, we are heading towards Hıdırnebi plateau , our first stop. Hıdırnebi Plateau with 1600 loaves, which contains a thousand tons of green together with our party, welcomes us. You will admire the nature. After breathing fresh air of Hıdırnebi pleteau, we give our guests free time for the sightseeing and photography.

After our visit to Hıdırnebi :

we are on our way to Çal Cave which is our next stop. Cal Cave, also known as the second longest cave in the world, is one of the important tourism centers of Trabzon. Immediately after our existence we spend our time visiting the unique structure of the cave.

After our visit to Çal Cave :

we will take our food and go to the Sera Lake Facilities which will fascinate you with its unique lake view. After meals, we give our guests free time to make lake tours with lake bikes and have a good time. At the end of the free time we are returning to Trabzon to finish the tour with our car.

Hıdırnebi & Çal cave


Sultanmurat Tour

When Murat returned from his Iranian campaign in 1635, he stayed in this spring with his Friday prayers. He stayed here for a few days and was given a name of “Sultanmurat“, which is in the center of several plazas. In the southwest and 2000 m.

The Ottoman armies fighting against the Russian armies of the First World War also have a martyrdom. There is a military officer and 71 soldiers, including 71 soldiers, who fought against Russian soldiers and gave the name “Martyrs Tepesi”

25 km to the province of Trabzon in the province of Çaykara. 54 km away from Aydıntepe. There is electricity, drinking water and wc in the Sultanmurat plateau on the north-west. Thousands of people visit the festivals and festivals of the First World War every year on June 26th.

sultanmurat tour


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