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Thunderstorms - تور فور اربز
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What is Thunderstorms?

Local storms, which include weather events such as turbulence, precipitation, thunder, hail, and frost, formed by clouds called advanced cumulus or cumulonimbus, are called orages. Wind can blow in different directions during sunshine, the sun may come out and thunderstorms can be seen in thunderstorms. Airplanes entering the Thunderstorms cloud may be struck by lightning. In such cases, you must follow the instructions of the cabin officers.

Is the Thunderstorms Cloud Dangerous for Airplanes?

Cumulus clouds can form strong air currents from bottom to top that develop vertically from floor to ceiling. Thunderstorms cloud refers to more advanced cumulus clouds. They appear vertically in a highly developed, anvil-like structure. The Thunderstorms cloud is one of the undesirable situations encountered during the flight and the necessary instructions are forwarded to the air control officers by the meteorological units. In other words, when determining the routes of the aircraft, the risk of winds is taken into consideration. Delays may occur in cases where the risk of nail polish is high.

Things to Consider During Flights Affected by Thunderstorms Cloud

Air travel is not preferred in terms of flight safety in cases where there is a risk of Thunderstorms. Unexpected formations may cause severe turbulence, lightning strikes and shocks. In such cases, follow the instructions of the cabin crew.

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