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Things to consider when taking off - تور فور اربز
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Things to consider when taking off

Things to consider when taking off

Although it is the most reliable means of transportation, we all have acquaintances who are afraid of air travel. My friends tell me that they are more afraid of taking off and landing the plane. They certainly point out the most important times. In particular, there are some precautions to be taken in order not to risk the safe takeoff, landing and health of the aircraft.Before the plane leavesWhen we get on the plane, first we have to put our hand luggage in the cabinets on the seat and make sure that these cabinets are tightly closed. This can reduce the risk of an unexpected event such as opening the cover during take-off. This will be followed by the cabin crew. Once seated, we must fasten our seat belts as instructed by aircraft cabin attendants. Before departure, we should raise the seats in an upright position, close the tray if the next tray is open, and open the curtains of the windows if we are near the window.Even on the buses we travel, we come across plenty of people who are forbidden to speak by phone. Although there are no proven accidents due to telephone calls in aircraft, certain precautions are taken to prevent damage to aircraft radio and complex electronic devices. Electronic devices must be switched off completely at the time of departure. Although it is forbidden to talk with the phone during flights, you can use the phone to take photos, listen to music and play games. In addition, many electronic devices such as electronic readers, MP3 players can be used after takeoff.

Airplane Taking Off

During the take-off phase, the plane can sometimes climb or climb up the stairs, and there is nothing to be afraid of. The planes continue to rise in this way until they reach a certain height. After a point, the aircraft stops ascending and reaches the height at which it accelerates. These two stages are the stages where your belts should be attached.

After the plane takes off

You should not unfasten your seat belt and leave your seat until you are told that you can take it off and take off. This is a precautionary measure to protect you from possible turbulence or vibration.

Health precautions

Due to the different in-ear and cabin pressure, a pressure may form in the ears during the take-off phase, which is a temporary pressure and is cut off after the plane becomes flat. This is because the two pressures are balanced. Eustachian tube that balances this pressure may be clogged, so if you have flu or flu, it is recommended that you do not fly in those days. If you have to fly, chewing gum can help balance the pressure. Breathing slowly through your nose is another method to resolve this problem, be careful not to force yourself in breathing exercise.

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