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The World's Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing Routes - تور فور اربز
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The World’s Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing Routes

The World’s Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing Routes

For two centuries, humans have used hot air balloons to raise themselves into the atmosphere, observing the world from a unique perspective. The exhilarating experience of safely and comfortably riding a hot air balloon, however, has never been more accessible until now. Today, adventurous travellers from all corners of the world can appreciate the beauty and diversity of Planet Earth with a new eye, enjoying incredible views of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and ancient civilizations.The World’s Most Beautiful Balloon Routes


The high plateau of Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region is adorned with rock formations formed by volcanic eruptions shaped by thousands of years of wind and rain. The rocky limestone towers, known as” fairy chimneys”, were home to the oldest human inhabitants of the area. Its later inhabitants carved ornate temples and underground cities into the rocks. Hot air balloon flights are popular here and operators are highly experienced, with baskets often heading deep into the valleys to see the rocky structures from a close-up.

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley, an hour’s drive from Melbourne, is best known for its world-famous wineries. The hot air balloon trip gives visitors a safe and tranquil flight over the rippling hills, with views of the big Divide hills and Motley vineyards such as kirkyama of gardens, vineyards and farms. Hot air balloon expeditions are a popular pastime in the Yarra Valley. Most operators begin and end their flights at local wineries, where visitors toast their memorable experience with their favourite wines.

Dubai Desert Conservation Park

It is no surprise that the hot air balloon tours offered outside the luxurious city of Dubai are one of the most luxurious in the world. Passengers gather at dawn from hotels near the Burj Khalifa and are brought to the departure area where they receive a safety instruction before the one-hour flight. Balloons glide over the dunes and lush wilderness where visitors can see camels, gazelles and iconic Arabian oryx from a height of 1,200 meters. The baskets can accommodate up to 24 people, but special “bespoke” experiences are also available, including couples ‘ trips.


The Teotihuacan pyramids, located 50 km northeast of Mexico City, are astonishing archaeological remains of what was once North America’s largest city. The hot air balloon flight offers visitors a bird’s-eye view of the area known as the “city of Gods.” While the route of a typical one-hour flight is determined by the breeze, passengers can enjoy views of the Quetzalpapalotl Temple and the huge pyramids of Sun and Moon, as well as the avenue of the dead.


Home to the largest gathering of hot air balloons and balloon enthusiasts in the world, Albuquerque is the ideal place to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of hundreds of balloons floating in the open Midwest air. New Mexico’s largest city hosts the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, which includes concerts, fireworks and day-night balloon flights every October. Many people attend the festival only to watch from the ground, but the city provides licensed operators with an hour-long flight with their visitors during the festival.


The Serengeti, home to the largest migration of mammals in the world, stretches from Tanzania to the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. A hot air balloon trip over the Serengeti guarantees to observe a large number of animals in each season. In addition to the more than two million African antelopes, gazelles and zebras that passed through the region during the Great Migration, lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants and other “Big Eight” animals are also abundant. The best balloon operators use low-noise burners that allow balloons to float above hard-to-observe wildlife.


Angkor Archaeological Park is very famous thanks to the Angkor Wat temple complex, which is cited as the largest religious monument on the planet. 12. built in the early part of the century, the temple is a prime example of classical Khmer architecture and is Cambodia’s most popular tourist attraction. It’s also the perfect place for visitors who may be reluctant to experience their first hot air balloon. Here hot air balloons remain attached to a cable for high safety. On days when the winds are calm, visitors can enjoy affordable ten-minute flights.


Located on the Eastern Bank of the Nile, opposite the 4000-year-old ancient city of TEB, Luxor is often referred to as the largest open-air museum in the world. Hot air balloon flights and two large stone statues of Amenhotep III, giant statues of Memnon and thick, carved rows of columns, glide over famous archaeological sites such as the large “Hypostyle Hall” of the temple of Luxor. Flights by accredited operators offer visitors safe and comfortable trips that last two hours, leaving enough time for many historic sites and monuments to digest.


Myanmar’s most popular tourist destination, is a 9. 13th century century I It was the capital of the Burmese Empire. The district, which Marco Polo once described as a “gilded city,” is now part of the 11th district. It was home to 13,000 Buddhist temples during its most glorious period of the century. Today, visitors can fly over the thousands of remaining temples, stupa and pagodas, including the Ananda Temple, famous for its gleaming golden towers. Hot air balloon trips are available from November to March, when winds rarely exceed 25km per hour.

Napa Valley

California’s Napa Valley is world-famous for its picturesque vineyards, and a hot air balloon ride is the perfect way for visitors to capture the tranquil beauty of the countryside. Eco-conscious residents and vineyard owners have dedicated themselves to preserving all the glory of the natural environment so passengers can enjoy the unremitting view of the Valley. The moderate weather conditions throughout the year make the Napa Valley ideal for a weather balloon trip in all seasons. Local operators are using knowledge of the region’s world-famous wineries to further enhance the experience.


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