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The Best Tourist Places in Trabzon



The charming village of Hamsiköy

This village is located at the foot of the mountain. Its surrounded by several mountains.  All of which are green in summer and white in winter due to its beautiful and wonderful weather and its lofty altitude, which gives visitors an indescribable psychological comfort. Especially the dense forests and clean fresh rivers in addition to meanders and the mountain arches that abound.As for the geographical location of this village, it is about 48 km away from the city of Trabzon, and it is located on the northern slope of Mount Zigana.

Homsikoy village is characterized by its wonderful weather, it is not very cold in winter and very mild in summer because of the presence of clouds that cover the area and increase the village’s splendor and beauty. In addition, Homsikoy village is characterized by the presence of very different types of herbs and flowers due to its wonderful climate, which makes the pasture rich, which produces the most beautiful types of milk and natural cream with a delicious taste. And if you are a fan of riding a boat or taking rafting trips in one of the village’s many rivers, you should visit this village to enjoy all that this jewel has to offer.

Zigana Mountains

Zigana Mountains is one of the most prominent and most beautiful tourist areas in Trabzon. It is a village of charming beauty consisting of wooden huts and a beautiful green nature. This tourist destination is specially for lovers of nature, quiet and quiet places, and tourism in this charming place.

Which makes it tourists and makes them enjoy it and in its distinctive way makes them enjoy it and in its distinctive way.

Karaca Cave

The Karaca Cave is one of the most important tourist attractions in Trabzon. Approximately 96 km from the city of Trabzon in the Gümüşhane region. Besides the beauty of colorful rocks that are more than thousands of years old.

In addition to its warm atmosphere in winter and humid in summer. Which makes it the perfect place for tourists to escape from the summer heat or the coldness of winter to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the cave.

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