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Technical Information About Istanbul New Airport

Technical Data 

Thanks to the technological infrastructure of the new airport, the waiting times at passports, customs points and check-in counters of the new airport will decrease, while 55 thousand people will be provided with simultaneous, uninterrupted, fast and secure internet.Istanbul Airport will have 3 data centers, 102 integrated systems, 467 servers, 780 telecommunications rooms, 3257 access points, 3267 flight information monitors, 4549 supported computers and 9000 security cameras.There is 20 million GB of data space in Istanbul New Airport.There was a significant change in the new airport and visa system.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the E-visa kiosks at Istanbul Atatürk Airport were abolished as of October 29, 2018.While there is no change in the application of the band visa, the application for the citizens of the country that can receive a visa is continuing.The fiber cable length of the airport is equal to 1700 km between Istanbul and Berlin.IGA Informatics, founded by IGA Airport Operations, provides all the technological infrastructure and IT services of Istanbul New Airport, the largest service in the world.IGA Informatics, which is responsible for 5 main systems of the airport including infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development with a team of 780 people, uses national systems developed by local engineers.

İGA Informatics company, established with one hundred percent domestic and national resources, carries out the design, installation, integration and commissioning of the world’s largest airport with Istanbul New Airport.IGA Bilişim is responsible for the five main systems of infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development of Istanbul New Airport with its team consisting of 780 people with over 100 employees and subcontractors.Developed by engineers, fast-paced systems, free internet, dynamic waiting times notifications, smart car parking systems, new generation loyalty management systems, lost goods software, apron card application portal are used for the first time.

As for the other striking information about Istanbul New Airport: Approximately 150 million passengers.Once completed, approximately every runway will be able to take off or take off at 19 o’clock.The airport has an apron capacity of 500 aircraft.Airbus A380 and Boing 737-800 will be able to take off.In addition, 4500 km of copper cabling between Istanbul and New Delhi is one of the airport’s features.On the other hand, the metro is expected to arrive at the airport in 2020.

The largest terminal

The main passenger terminal building will be the largest terminal building in the world under a single roof with 1.3 million square meters. This terminal aims to serve 90 million passengers annually. The annual passenger capacity will reach 150 million in 2028. Large-bodied airplanes that are not able to land at existing airports will also be able to land at the New Airport.

Who won the airport tender?

The tender was won by Cengiz-Limak-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group with 22 billion 152 million Euros for a 25-year lease.

How much will Istanbul New Airport cost?

The investment cost of Istanbul 3rd Airport was announced as 9 billion 500 million dollars. A total of 10 billion 247 million Euro investment will be made for Istanbul New Airport, and passenger service will be opened in stages.

Where is the airport?

The Third New Airport is located on the European side of the Black Sea. Istanbul New Airport, built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters between the villages of Tayakadin and Akpinar, was built at a crossroads between Çatalca, Göktürk Arnavutköy and Terkos Lake.

47 Thousand Ton Material Will Be Carried

During the move, more than 47 thousand tons of material will be transported between two airports. More than 800 personnel will be working in the operation. The relocation planning consists of 686 trucks. 700 THY vehicles will also be accompanied by relocation. In the Great Migration, 10 pieces of material, weighing about 47 thousand 300 tons, will be transported from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport.

When Do The Flights Start?

The date of the transfer to Istanbul Airport was changed to April 5. The change in the transfer schedule at Istanbul Airport was officially announced to the world. The move will begin on April 5th, 2019 at 03:00 and finish on April 7, 2019 at 00:00. During the 45-hour period; Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Airport (LTFM) will only be open to the base of the base carriers. During the 45-hour period, Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Istanbul Airport will be operated with an hourly reduced capacity.

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