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Şile is a district of Istanbul. The settlement in the district is very old. It shows that the periphery of the chile is ruled before the date (Polished Stone Age). In the studies related to the pre-history of the Black Sea coast, various places of the Paleolithic era and many mansion places and workshops belonging to the Epi-Palaeolithic period have been identified. It is obvious from the increase in the number of finds that there is a significant population density on the Black Sea coastline in the post-glacial period (about 12,000 to 6,000 BC). In addition, there are many caves in the town that are suitable for the life of the people.The shilla were invaded twice in antiquity. The first invasion was carried out by Roman captain Lucullus, who was commanded by Xenophon on the way back from the Persian expedition of the ancient Greeks and the second followed by the shoreline. The traces of the Roman era are still seen in Şile.During the period of the Eastern Roman Emperor Diocletianus (284-305), such as İnkese, Sofular, Şile caverns have been sheltered for the first believers. Gürlek Cave was used as a prison, where the first believers captured by Eastern Roman troops captured Christians.The Seljuk Turks captured Şile in 1090 with Kutalmiyeoglu Süleyman Shah. In 1097, the 1st Crusaders took back the Sile from the Seljuks. The withdrawal of Sile was only possible during the period of Yıldırım Bayezid. For 500 years until the First World War, Şile led a comfortable life under the rule of the Turks. Later, with the invasion of Istanbul, the Greeks, who were encouraged by the English, settled around Şile and continued to occupy the Dumlupinar Victory. 19th century. According to the Ottoman records, the Chile incident was in 1846 due to the Mystery Mission. It is seen that in 1876, the collapse of the chile was attributed to Dersaadet Sehremaneti. In the 1877 State Salvation, Şile is connected to Üsküdar Mutasarrığlığına, which is attached to the Ministry of Captivity. When all provinces (mutasarrafflik) were made in 1924, Şile continued to be a loyal to Üsküdar. With the new arrangement made in 1926, Üsküdar became an accident and connected to the Istanbul province, and the Şile accident took place in the same structure as Üsküdar. In addition, Şile is one of the first municipalities formed with the foundation of the Republic.

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