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Şile Lighthouse (Sile Feneri) - تور فور اربز
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Şile Lighthouse (Sile Feneri)

Sile Lighthouse

Şile Lighthouse (Sile Feneri)

Şile Lighthouse (Sile Feneri) is the sea lighthouse located in the Şile district of Istanbul and serving the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. It is the biggest of Turkey and the second largest in the world.Şile Lighthouse, one of the two lighthouses in the Black Sea, was built in 1859 at the time of the Ottoman Empire. The lighthouse is 110 cm above the rocks 60 meters above sea level. Built in the shape of a tower in the thickness. The lantern with a 20-mile sight distance and a set-up system started working with electricity in 1968 while working with a 3-gas gas lamp in the early periods. Today, the lighthouse building and garden department, which is actively working, also serves as a museum.

Hidden Paradise – Hidden Lake

It is a small irrigation pond located near Karamandere village near Şile village. Hidden Paradise is a lake in the Yada Hidden Lake, Karamandere is known by the names of the pond. The pond made for the irrigation of the agricultural land around the DSI side is one of the important stopping places for nature lovers with its surrounding forest texture. Go to the pond and surroundings; Walking, fishing, picnicking.

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