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Rize - تور فور اربز
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 Rize Turkey’s most tea-breeding and the wettest province is also one of the greenest cities. Rize is located between the eastern longitudes of 40 ° 21 ‘and 41 ° 25’ and the 40 ° 33 ‘and 41 ° 20’ northern latitudes in the Eastern Black Sea region of the Black Sea region. Provincial lands are surrounded by Artvin from the east, Erzurum and Artvin from the south, Trabzon from the west, Bayburt from the southwest and the Black Sea from the north.

 The origin of the name

 Our information about Rize’s pre-history is limited. Due to the forest texture dominating the region, archaeological findings that shed light on the information about the historical ages of Rize have not been unearthed to this day. The history of Rize could only be considered in connection with the dates of neighboring provinces and regions. Different opinions have been put forward regarding the name of the province of Rize; Rhisos, which means Greek rice, was used as “RIZA” in Greek to mean mountain skirt. In Ottoman Turkish, “RİZE” means small crumb and rash. In addition, it is stated that Erzincan’s name “Eriza” in the period of Saka was used for Rize as a namesake with the sound of “e” at the beginning.

Places to Visit in Rize

Storm Creek

It is the arch bridges that make the Firtina Stream different from other streams, which gives different moments to watch, swim and listen.

Rize Highlands

Rize plateaus have an important place among the places to visit in Rize.

Ayder Plateau

After going to the Black Sea, it is not possible to return without taking the highland air and attending the highland festivals. Ayder Plateau is one of the top plateaus that should be visited. 

Ovit Plateau

 Ovit plateau is located on İkizdere-İspir road. It is approximately 52 km from the center of İkizdere.

 Anzer Plateau

 It is a plateau located 35 km south west of İkizdere district of Rize. It is divided into two as Lower Anzer (Çiçekliköy) and Upper Anzer (Ballıköy). It is 54 km from Rize city center. In addition to being the region where Anzer honey is produced, which is beneficial for its nature and health, it is also home to many endemic types of flowers and attracts many local and foreign tourists to the region.

Elevit Plateau

 Elevit plateau is a plateau, which is used by Küşüve, Mollaveyis, Omokta and Golunavb villages of Çamlıhemşin, which is always a delightful summer with modern houses. Entertainment at Elevit takes place every year after the 15th of August.

Kackar Mountains National Park

 The area of ​​the region, which was declared as a national park in 1994, is 52.970 hectares. The fact that the country is also in the most abundant rainy part of the country enriches the forest, alpine meadow and under forest flora extraordinarily, and makes it unique in terms of streams; Streams such as Fırtına Stream and Hemşin Stream surround a river-sized national park.

Rize Ethnography Museum

Those who want to know about the history of Rize should definitely visit this museum. Inside the museum, there are archaeological artifacts, coins and manuscripts from Rize and its surroundings. 

Zil Castle

It is located 15 km south of Çamlıhemşin district. It was built in the 13th century during the “Kommenos” period. After the Ottoman Empire conquered this place, it used the castle for security purposes. At the same time, Zil Castle is located on the Historical Silk Road. The Firtina Stream flows right below the Zil Castle and is 100 meters above the Firtina Stream. With its magnificent appearance, it looks even from far away. It is one of the places frequented by tourists visiting the city. Zil Castle is a good example of the historical places of Rize.

Famous Flavors of Rize

Anzer HoneyTeaCorn BreadHaricot beanAnchovy RicePepeçuraRize WheelBean Pickle RoasterMıhlamaMeat Wrap

Rize’s best hotels

Babillon hotelRidos Thermal Hotel & SpaRamada Plaza by Wyndham RizeRize Dedeman Hotel

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