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Polonezköy - تور فور اربز
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Polonezköy is a famous Polak village, formerly Adampol, located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. Polonezköy was founded in 1842 by Prince Adam Czartoryski, the head of government during the Polish uprising of 1830, and later the political leader of the Polish exiles. The name of the village is derived from Adam, the name of the founder, as Adamköy (Polish: Adampol). The land in which the village was located was organized by the Lazarist priests who ruled Saint Benoit French High School in the 1830s as a farm. At that time, the political immigration of the Poles was central to Paris. The aim of Prince Adam Czartoryski was to establish a second political center within the borders of the Ottoman State. For this purpose Michal Czajkowski was sent to the Ottoman State as a representative. After arriving in Istanbul, Czajkowski, who accepted Islam in 1850 and named Mehmed Sadiq Pasha, purchased a forested land from the Lazarian priests operating in the Ottoman Empire in the future to install Adampol. At first, however, the nesting residence of 12 people settled down to 220 during the most recent years. Over the years Polonezköy / Adampol has developed, the population of the village increased with the Poles, who escaped from the Siberian exile and Circassian captivity, as well as the soldiers who participated in the 1830 Polish Uprising and the 1853 Crimean War. The first residents of Polonezköy were engaged in farming, animal husbandry and forestry. More II. Starting from World War II, the first holidaymakers started to come to Polonezköy. In 1938 residents of Polonezköy T.C. They were accepted to their citizenship. In 1968, residents of Polonezköy were entitled to a title deed on the territory they operated. On the other hand, the inheritors of the Czartoryski family are abandoned in favor of possession of Polonezköy.

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