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Places to Visit in Istanbul 3 : Balat and Fener Travel Route

Places to Visit in Istanbul 3 : Balat and Fener Travel Route

Undoubtedly, the most visited districts of Istanbul are Balat and Fener. If you search for daily Istanbul tours, guided walking tours that you will encounter the most are also done in these districts.It’re one of the most important churches in Turkey with the opening of the Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarchate, the spiritual leader position as an institution goes for Orthodox society. From there, we have been closed for restoration for some time and continue to the Bulgarian Church of Sveti Stefan, which was recently opened again and referred to as the Iron Church.

We climb up the Sancakatar Hill and see the iconic corner house of Balat.Now let’s come to the point where the colorful houses of Balat we want to photograph are… Some of the houses that we are very familiar with Instagram are located on Kiremit Caddesi. You can find other beautiful houses on the stairs with stairs and on the adjacent Coban Fountain Street. Finally, you can see the colorful doors on Camcı Çeşmesi Sokak and hit yourself for dinner.

Eat & Drinks  Fener – Balat

I can recommend Cooklife Balat, Naphthalene, Pop’s Balat and Maison Balat for breakfast and a break during the day. There are many more places I haven’t tried, they are usually lined up on Yıldırım Street. If you are looking for a tavern for the evening, the Agora Meyhane, which opened its doors in 1890, was the subject of songs and was suspended for 13 years and was brought back to life by director Ezel Akay.


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