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Pierre Loti - تور فور اربز
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Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti

Eyüp Sultan begins to climb the long stairs through the cemetery next to the Mosque, the Golden Horn is watching the one hand, while you breathe in the mystical atmosphere of tranquility that spring. At the end of the trip, the date of your disappearance is Pierre Loti Kahvesi. A few hundred years of history of coffee will fetch you with a wonderful view to ancient times, the Genoese to, leading to the Ottoman .. until the end of the 19th century, Rabia Women, known as the coffeehouse, French writer Pierre Loti coffee after you start holding space Pierre Loti called Coffee coffee for years, lovers, its own The stop of those who want to meet and escape from the city and enjoy a spiritual peace. Pierre Loti is a famous French writer and orientalist who lived between 1850 and 1923. Loti, a naval officer, first came to Turkey in 1876 and stayed a year. She also discovered the historic coffee on the backs of Eyüp. The Golden Horn is not known, but Pierre Loti’s other attraction is a married Ottoman lady named Aziyade.For many years it has been said that there is a great love between Pierre Loti and Aziyade, who is said to be married in France. Pierre Loti did not hide his love for Aziyade in his same name novel. That day, today, the name of the cup named Pierre Loti. The top of the tomb is called the Pierre Loti Tepi, the memorial of Loti.

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