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Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire

Art in the Ottoman is very advanced as an architect. Numerous works were made during the Imperial period. The construction is as dignified and majestic as it is simple and useful. The magnificent palace type came in from the West in the 19th century. However, the glass and the Tekkel made in the name of Allah are utterly abidevil. The chambers surround themselves with many social institutions and constitute a “complex”. The Ottomans are extraordinary imams. Even if it does not belong to its civilization, keep it with care. One of the best examples of this is the Church of St. Irene. There are no empire corners that can not be seen. Some even modest neighborhood rich, it built a fountain repaired if it does not build a mosque or a school. The sense of community is extraordinarily strong. There is an alliance when one of the greatest architects of world history of Sinan is perhaps the first. Sinan, who lived for a century and spent the last half century as architect, has made these works. 81 mosques, 50 lest 55 medreses 19 tombs, 14 imaret, 3 hospitals, 7 dam (dam), eight bridges 16 kervansaray 33 palaces, 32 baths, cellar 6, 7 d’arulkurrâ. These 441 works were scattered throughout the whole empire. [46] In 1839, the declaration of the Tanzimat Fermanı took important steps towards Europeanization. Ottoman, 18 have adopted the European style towards the end of the century, and it was reflected in the architecture and art. Baroque style spreading in Europe is also suitable for making many works in Istanbul. Baroque and rococo with Dolmabahce Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, and constitutes an important place for this kind of Ortakoy Mosque in the world.

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