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Otagtepe - تور فور اربز
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Is the Istanbul of the most important cities of the Turkish civilization , which flock to the number of visitors and tourists are daily considered the centers of cultural , economic and financial there is Istanbul about 39 Province located city of Istanbul on the Strait of Bosphorus is the city only in the world that lies between the two continents of Asia and Europe by the harbor golden In the north west of the country and extend the city on along the side of the European on the Strait of Bosphorus , famous for the city of Istanbul , abundant gardens

Parks and beautiful areas of heritage in the wing of the European and Asian was Istanbul , the capital of a number of states and empires through history long was the capital of the State of flashy and state Romanian Empire Byzantine The state of the Ottoman finally after the opening of Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror so contoured the city ‘s aura of grandeur and wealth is the city of Istanbul.


The most important cities heritage of civilization , which flock to the number of huge of tourists for lovers of beauty and grandeur by the number of sites heritage humanitarian and cultural since in 1985 , is famous for the city of Istanbul in the wing of the Asian abundant gardens and spaces green that stretches the length of the bridge commentator and adorned with the flags of Turkey if you cut off the Bosphorus to be for you to see the space green on the side of that distance is a garden Autag or as called by the Turks Otagtepe .Know Garden Fatih Corsu also on behalf of gardens Otagtepe in Istanbul , located in the area Beykoz section of the Asian from the city of Istanbul.

Extends gardens Otagtepe  in Istanbul on space expanses of land green on the tip bridge Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror and is characterized by spectacular views Ultimate on prior Bosphorus and the section of the European City of Istanbul.

There is a garden corridor for walking and jogging along the 10 thousand meters surrounded by a number of spaces green by a number of roses and tulips and roses DisplayLink chestnut and linden was the opening of the park is officially in 1996 the public was planted a number huge of trees , about five thousand trees and thousand five hundred shrub small , at the entrance to the garden find statue of a figure of the Turkish charity is Wahbi Kutch was is Director of the Waqf , who worked on the opening of the park and launched, supervised by the park on the castle Rumeli siege area Ortakoy and a number of palaces that are located on the side of the European , surrounded by a garden number of places for calm and serenity that away where all the bustle of Istanbul The noise garden of the best places that can capture images photographic. There is a garden cafe and restaurant to drink and eat any thing after enjoying the.

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