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NISANTASI SHOPS - تور فور اربز
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Nisantasi Shops

The fashion trend is especially popular among young people. When we say vintage, our grandparents come to mind, the clothes that our grandfathers wear, and the items they use. These products can be found in Istanbul.You can find the collection in Istanbul, which has not collected any traces of the past, except for special memories, master tailors’ sewing, beautiful color harmony, charming designs and the quality of the fabrics used.Vintage is not just a pattern of clothing, it is a set of behaviors, thoughts, stances and inspiring memories to give a new light to the future.

The boutiques, which serve the principle of giving them a new life with modern touches and keeping them from waiting in the wardrobe as an article, aim to bring a new breath to the vintage world. A large portion of the collections, today’s clothes can be worn in a style that easily.Besides, the Bun costume department proj, which can be rented for thematic parties or projects, is exhibited separately.

It is possible to find and buy clothes that are used in Turkish series, especially if the guests are very interested.The collection includes clothes and accessories for every age group and body except the child, covering the period of 1920-1990.

While most of the products are tailor made, the products of brands such as Chanel, Celine, Elegance Paris, Armani, Vertigo Paris, Max Mara, Alexander Wang, VivienneWestwood, Dior are among foreign brands; Like the textile giants of the period such as Yusuf Ünlü, İbrahim and Kırgözler, personalized shirt designers are also among the products. Flight flight clothes and colorful fabrics are waiting for you.

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