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New Coronavirus Measures For Hotels

New Coronavirus Measures For Hotels


The Ministry of Health has increased the measures implemented in accommodation facilities, restaurants, dormitories and nursing homes for the coronavirus outbreak.

 Among the new measures and measures for the coronavirus outbreak announced by the Ministry of Health; The topics that concern the accommodation industry and hotels are as follows:


  • Information such as the countries where hotel guests have been in the last 14 days and travel plans within the country after their stay will be kept fully and regularly.


Measures Taken For Room And Room Cleanıng


  • The windows in the rooms and other closed areas will be open during daily cleaning; will be ventilated for at least 1 hour after cleaning.


  • The person who will clean the room will wear gloves and will do the cleaning with gloves. He will wear new gloves before the next room cleaning.


  • Care will be taken to clean the toilet and sink of the frequently touched surfaces in common areas. For cleaning of these areas, diluted bleach and chlorine tablets will be used after cleaning with water and detergent.


  • Whisking and shaking will not be done during the folding of the bed linen, sheets and towel products used by the guest, and dust and particles will not be allowed to form.


New Measures Taken For Common Use Areas


  • Sauna, massage parlors, sports halls and kids clubs will not be used as much as possible.


  • There will be no hard-to-clean toys in playgrounds and children’s clubs.


  • The patient’s diagnosis of coronavirus has been confirmed, and the room of the patient will be aired and left empty for 24 hours.

Measures Taken For Hotel Restaurants


  • The distance between the tables will not be less than 1 meter.


  • Restaurant staff will pay attention to hand cleaning.


  • If open buffet application is required in restaurants, service will be provided by employees.


Kaynak :  https://www.turizmgunlugu.com/2020/03/21/bakanlik-acikladi-oteller-icin-yeni-coronavirus-tedbirleri/


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