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Museum and Park MiniaTurk is from places distinctive and more destinations tourist beautiful , which overlooks the Bay of Century Golden .Stretching the garden on an area wide of 6000 meters square , and includes miniature of the most important monuments tourist and urban located in the Turkish A also it considered this park as the largest parks or museums miniature in the world . If you do not have the time enough to roam around throughout Turkey or want to A fun tour with your children to take some unique souvenir photos as a museum and garden Miniaturk an ideal place for that .Imagine all areas of attractions and places famous from all over Turkey combined in place of one !

Miniaturk is the amusement park puts them all as pieces of work art so you can to see all the details and take a look closer from the top . We recommend that you definitely go to there and spend time fun to get to know more on the models places the tourist that you may not find time to visit in Turkey .There is inside a garden Miniaturk in Istanbul is also the Museum of Crystal , where can one find the models crystal three – dimensional buildings task in Istanbul ; Museum victory , which salutes the War of Independence Turkish from through the offers technological .The opening of the Museum Miniaturk in the second of May / May in 2003, has made the majority of models in which the plastic and wood and are professionally very and scale different from miniaturization different of altered size original teacher tourist who made the Kan stereo.


the museum replicas of the most prominent landmarks the city of Istanbul in the place of one , where there is Mosque of Sultan Ahmed , and the Mosque of Al Fateh , and the Mosque of Sulaimaniya, and the Museum of whatever Sofia, Castle and Roman Elie siege, and the Palace of Dolmabahçe, and the bridge of the Bosphorus, and the bridge of Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror, and Tower of Galata historical monument of the Republic At Taksim Square , and Ataturk International Airport .As can visiting the museum and without that leaving the city of Istanbul to see landmarks beautiful from the cities of Turkey , where he will be able visitors to see waterfalls Pamukkale , and the city ” Aspendos ” historic in Antalya, teacher and chimneys gin in the state Nevichehr , and the mausoleum of Ataturk ( the founder of the Republic of Turkey ) in the capital Ankara , the collector Exchange great in the Stock Exchange , and the tomb of Jalal al- Din Rumi in Konya , Tower time in Izmir , and the homes of Mardin stone in Mardin , and a bridge Malabadi famous Banknorth in receivables Diyarbakir ..

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