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Maslak Kasrı - تور فور اربز
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Maslak Kasrı

Maslak Kasrı

Maslak Kasrı

Maslak Kasrı ; Located on Büyükdere Caddesi, between the İstinye and Tarabya junctions; II. Built in the time of Mahmut, Abdülaziz period was completed with the joints. II. Abdülhamit used this mansion as resting and hunting pavilion and learned that V. Murat was reduced from the throne and that he was the new ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Maslak Kasrı;

Kasr-ı Hümayun, Mabeyn-i Hümayun, Paşalar Circle, Çadır Köşkü and a canton. Abdulhamit’s brigands are in different places of the mansion, which is more plain than the other Ottoman constructions.

Kasr-ı Hümayun:

There are working and bedroom rooms of Sultan Abdülhamit in this cave. The two-storey building also has roof and basement floors. The entrance has pillars on both sides and a balcony on these pillars. The ceilings of all the rooms and the walls of the room are decorated with colorful pencil work paintings.

Mabeyn-i Hümayun:

Small, single storey and mughal structure; It’s the Sultan’s private apartment. From here you can reach the harbor; Very valuable plants, camellias, fern trees, bananas and a nice glass floor with a pool in the middle.Çadır Köşk: It is an octagonal plan, two storeys, wide eaves in the roof, a balcony that is surrounded and an attractive place with wooden workmanship.The Pasha District: It is a cozy structure built as a single-storey and masonry building and houses a bathhouse.

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