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Marmaris - 2 - تور فور اربز
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Marmaris – 2

Marmaris – 2

City Tour

With this route, we have created a walking route where you will discover a little more culture, Ottoman history and the lifestyle here. Places you will see; old city center, Marmaris museum and castle, Hafsa Sultan Caravansary (Hafsa Sultan Caravansary), İbrahim Ağa Mosque (Ibrahim Aga Mosque), Bedesten (Old Bazaar), Iyilik Rocks Archeology Park (Iyilik Rocks Archaeological Park), Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum, Marmaris Amphitheater, Taşhan Kemerli Bridge (Taşhan Kemerli Bridge), Sarı Main Tomb and Marina. Afterwards, you can go to the street of bars or Aqua Dream Water Park according to your taste.    Marmaris Museum & Castle (Marmaris Museum & Castle) : It is said that the name Marmaris was given based on the order of Suleiman the Magnificent, one of the Ottoman sultans , to hang an architect in this castle . Completed in 1911, this castle is one of the most important symbols of Marmaris.Hafsa Sultan Caravansary (Hafsa Sultan Caravansary) : It is a caravanserai built in the name of Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent.İbrahim Ağa Mosque (Ibrahim Aga Mosque) : This mosque, which is located in the center, close to Marmaris castle, was built by İbrahim Ağa in 1789. It has a very large and luxurious dome and a beautiful courtyard.Bedesten (Old Bazaar) : This covered market is reminiscent of the covered bazaar in Istanbul . There are souvenir shops and local artisan shops from the covered bazaar built in the period of Suleiman the Magnificent. Turkish coffee and hookah lovers can take a short break in this Ottoman bazaar.Iyilik Kayalari Archeology Park (Iyilik Kayalıklari Archaeological Park) : It is an archaeological park located in the center and opened to visitors recently . The Iyilik rocks consist of an area of ​​8,342 square meters , which is included in the 1st degree protected area, and an area of ​​2,100 square meters on the hill skirt. You can see the archaeological remains from the Ottoman times here.Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum : It looks more like an Ottoman house than a museum. Ahmet Urkay is a businessman who signed the opening of the museum where these archaeological and ethnographic pieces are located, and as a result of this help, the museum is called with his own name.Marmaris Amphitheater : If you come across a concert or a festival in this amphitheater, which is still open and where various activities are held, we recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance from the mybilet website.Taşhan Kemerli Bridge (Tashan Kemerli Bridge) : One of the symbols of Marmaris, this bridge was built in 1432 during the Rhodes expedition of Suleiman the Magnificent.Yellow Main Tomb (Yellow Ana Mausoleum) : According to the legend, it is said that Kanuni went to Fatma Ana, a great person, to pray before the Rhodes landing. Fatma Ana, who fed the whole army with the milk of a single yellow cow and was accepted as the protector of fishermen and sailors, is also known as Yellow Mother and this shrine takes its name from here.Netsel Marina (Marmaris Yacht Marina) : The marina located right next to the castle is a place where you can relax and have a drink after this long historical journey. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and nature here. Boats moving for the blue cruise also depart from this marina.

Boat Tour

In almost every street, marina, Uzunyalı and İçmeler beaches in Marmaris, you will see the stands of the companies that organize daily boat trips.Due to the high demand, these tours, which are very reasonable in prices, are the ideal way to explore the many magnificent bays and caves of Marmaris that you cannot see from the beach and to dive into the turquoise blue waters.The tours departing from Marmaris include Paradise Island, Fish Farm Bay, Phosphorus Cave (Dilek Cave), Aquarium Bay, Amos, Bedir Island , Turunç Village and Green Sea, and on the way back pass through Kumlubük and İçmeler.

  • Tours departing from Hisaronu : Include Kızkumu Beach, Aquarium Bay, Rabbit Island, Dişlice Island, Kamelya Island and Selimiye Village. Since this route is obviously calmer and quieter, you have the opportunity to have a freer ride away from the crowds that will occupy your own private space.
  • Sedir Island tours depart from Çamlık and continue to Cleopatra Beach, Incekum, Fenerli Ada Bay, Yunus Bay, Çanak Bay. Sedir Island is a place that you should definitely see with its golden sandy beach located 16 km away from Marmaris .
  • If you prefer a longer boat tour, you can go to Dalyan, Ekincik, Gökova or Turunç if you wish . The most popular of these is Dalyan tours. Located 2 hours from Marmaris, Dalyan is famous for its nature, scenery, sea turtles and mud baths. Another place that you should definitely see in Dalyan is Iztuzu Beach.

 Blue Voyage

We do not know how long you will have a holiday in Marmaris, but if you have 1 week of extra time, we definitely recommend you to take a blue cruise. On this journey , you can have a holiday where you will swim in the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, discover the most secret coves, see only blue and green away from the crowd and noise , and hear nothing but the sounds of waves and birds.In order to participate in these tours, if you do not have your own boat or yacht, you need to make your reservation well in advance.

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