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Kuşadası is a district of Aydın province. It is located on the coastline where the Aegean Region meets the sea, 71 kilometers away from the city center. The district center, bordered by Selçuk and Pamucak in the north and Dilek Peninsula where the National Park is located in the south, is at the center of important touristic centers such as İzmir, Ephesus, Virgin Mary, Milet, Didim, Pamukkale, Marmaris, Bodrum.Port of Kuşadası, due to its proximity to the island of Samos, Greece is Turkey’s second major sea port for arriving tourists. The proximity of the district to Ephesus was also effective in the development of foreign tourism. It is surrounded by Selçuk in the north, Germencik in the northeast, and Söke in the east and south.


What is Kuşadası a place to live?

Kuşadası is a district of Aydın province in the Aegean region. Although it is not very crowded in the winter, it is very crowded because it is one of the districts that attract local and foreign tourists in summer. With its clean sea, beaches, fun streets and green, it is a very suitable city to spend your holiday. Besides, living in this city is actually very convenient and comfortable compared to big metropolitan areas, but it is enjoyable and fun. Although it is a more crowded city in the summer, there is no traffic problem. You can reach every part of the city with your private vehicles, as well as transportation by city minibuses.

Living in Summer and Winter in Kusadasi

There are indoor and outdoor shopping centers. Thanks to the variety of stores suitable for every budget, it appeals to every segment. The summers are quite enjoyable and fun. The economy is relatively favorable compared to other coastal cities. There is a quiet city life. It is very easy to reach everywhere since there is not a very large face measurement. Since it has a tourism-oriented progressive economy, it is suitable for new job opportunities. Historical trips are also organized as it has a rich history.

Places to visit in Kuşadası

Kusadasi National Park

Kuşadası National Park, where 209 bird species can be seen, is located between Kuşadası and Söke districts. The national park, which is 28 km away from Kuşadası, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists thanks to its coastal features that contain different coastal shapes.The biodiversity created by the sweet and salty lagoon system of the region makes it especially easy for nature photographers to capture beautiful frames.


On the island, which constitutes the source of the current name of the district, there is a fortress dating back to the Byzantine period and named with the island.The castle, which was connected to the land with the work done in 1957, offers a magnificent view to the holidaymakers who come to Kuşadası beach in the evening thanks to the lighting system.

Zeus Cave

It is believed to be the place where Zeus’ brother Poseidon angered and waited for his brother to calm down, and the cave is located at the entrance of Dilek Peninsula.The cool waters of Zeus Cave, where the pool inside is used extensively by the local people in the winter and tourists in the summer, is formed by the combination of fresh water from the mountain with salt water from the sea. 

Women Sea (Women’s Beach)

Thanks to its deep blue sea and unique beach, it has received the Blue Flag award, and the most famous beach of Kuşadası is located 3 km from the town center.

Ephesus Ancient City (Daily)

Located within the borders of Selçuk district, 20 km from Kuşadası, Ephesus Antique City finds itself in the list of places to visit in Kuşadası for holidaymakers who love history thanks to its history based on Polished Stone Age.The ruins of the ancient city, which you can reach in 20-30 minutes by using the land route from Kuşadası, spread over an area of ​​8 km.  

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