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Kayseri - تور فور اربز
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The population of Kayseri, located in the Middle Kızılırmak section of the Central Anatolia Region, is 1,358,980. The neighboring provinces of Kayseri, whose surface area is 17.170.00 km2, are Yozgat, Sivas, Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Niğde and Nevşehir.The steppe climate is seen in Kayseri, where wide plateaus is seen in its high parts, while summers are hot and dry winters are cold and snowy. The highest point of the city is Erciyes Mountain, which is 3,916 meters high. Aladağ and Dumanlı Mountains are other important high mountains that come after Erciyes.Although the city has announced its name with its commercial and delicious cuisine, it has a history that goes back thousands of years. The city, which served as a sheltered shelter for Christians during the birth of Christianity, was one of the most important city centers of the Seljuk period.The caravanserais representing the Seljuks have become the symbol of Kayseri. In addition, Kayseri is a preferred city for tours or for those who will stay more than a few days due to its proximity to Cappadocia.

Kayseri History and Culture

Kayseri, which dates back to ancient times, was located in the region called Cappadocia in ancient times. The Silk Road, which was an important trade route during the Ottoman period, also passes through Kayseri. In Kültepe, which is 20 km away from the city center, artifacts based on dates before Christ were found. Kayseri, which has a history of 6000 years, is the old name of Mazaka. Later, in the Roman period, the name “Kaysariya”, which was the city of Emperor and origin of the word “Kayseri”, was named.Republican history in Kayseri made provinces by the Constitution of 1924, Turkey’s first aircraft factory, Sumerian cloth factory, later founded the railway line and has been one of the pioneering first urban centers in the name of industrialization, beginning with the industrial site in the 1950s.

Places to See in Kayseri


Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes, Turkey’s third, the highest mountain in Central Anatolia. The magnificent summit of Erciyes, which is 3.917 meters high, is so high that it stays above the clouds. It is a magnificent mountain with no snow missing from the peak of summer and winter. for winter sports and mountaineering is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey Erciyes is located 25 km south of Kayseri. In addition, Erciyes ski center is not only nationwide but also a world-renowned ski center.

Gevher Nesibe Şifahane (Medical Museum)

The Sifahane, built in 1206 at the request of his brother in the deathbed of Gevher Nesibe, is used as a medical museum today.

Hunat Hatun Complex

  1. The complex, built by Hunat Hatun, the wife of Alaaddin Keykubat, now serves as a souvenir bazaar.


Sahabiye Madrasa

It is one of the most important science centers of the madrasa period built in 1267. It is also known as the Owner Ata Madrasa, since it was built by the Seljuk viziers, Ata Ata Fahrettin. The madrasa is located at Cumhuriyet Square.

Güpgüpoğlu Mansion

The part of the mansion museum, which is used as the second floor museum, was called “Selamlık” and was called the Ethnography Museum because of the ethnographic works inside.

 Kapuzbaşı Waterfall

It is located in Yahyalı district of Kayseri province and consists of 7 waterfalls. As it comes from its source, it is pouring its waters, and it is worth a visit.

Kayseri Archeology Museum

In the first hall of the museum, which consists of two halls, especially works belonging to the Bronze Age are exhibited. Kültepe ruins are located in the large hall.

Mazakaland Entertainment Center

The center, which is the first theme park of Anatolia, was opened in 2013.The entertainment center, which is one of the places worth seeing in Kayseri, takes its name from Mazakaland, one of the first cities established on the outskirts of Erciyes.

Kayseri Festivals

 Bünyan Winter and Swimming Festival / Bünyan: In the event held in January, nature walks are made and swimming competitions are held at the end of the walk. Those who come to slip in Erciyes also participate in this event.Erciyes Winter Tourism Festival: The festival held in Erciyes, one of the most popular ski resorts in the world, lasts 3 days and hosts thousands of people.Erciyes Film Festival: The festival, which has been held regularly since 2008, has been organized in October in recent years, although it has been held in April. The aim of the festival is to raise individuals who practice free ideas.

Activities You Can Do In Kayseri – Erciyes

Erciyes Hot Springs: The most prominent feature of Erciyes mountain is that it is a volcanic mountain. Although it is a mountain that has been deflated centuries ago, this volcanic feature of Erciyes has played a very important role in shaping the region. So much so that the natural beauties of many regions emerged as a result of volcanic eruptions. The minerals brought by the volcanic mountain made the groundwater in the region very rich. Erciyes, whose snow is not at its summit, has been healing the people of the region for centuries with its thermal water resources. Rafting: It is one of the most suitable areas for rafting sports in our country. Rafting sports in Kayseri are performed in Zamantı River. This river exists from Central Anatolia and pours into the Mediterranean. Zamantı River, which has a total length of more than 300 kilometers, has fun and equally difficult rafting routes. Bird Watching: Sultan Marshes in Kayseri creates a very productive environment for this activity. Thanks to this reed that is frequented by dozens of different bird species, guests can capture unique frames with their cameras. There are also rare birds endangered in the reeds. There are even tours departing from big cities for bird watching only. Trekking: There are dozens of different trekking routes in Erciyes. The most efficient routes are the tracks in the Aladag National Park. There are waterfalls on the trekking routes, where you can breathe and picnic when you are tired.

Local Foods of Kayseri


  1. Kayseri Ravioli
  2. Kayseri Tiridi
  3. Braided Rice
  4. Çiriş Dinner
  5. Runny
  6. Sausage Meatballs
  7. Bacon
  8. Lubrication
  9. Lead Vaccine
  10. Pöç Kebab
  11. Quince Tahini Leaves
  12. Tray Ravioli
  13. Fenugreek Bread
  14. Oil Ravioli
  15. Gilaburu Juice
  16. Tahinli Katmer
  17. Nevizene
  18. Acid
  19. Knotted Dessert
  20. Yogurt Dessert
  21. Golden Pouch
  22. Hand Cutting Kadayıf
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