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İzmir, Turkey’s population, industry, trade, tourism and cultural aspects of the city is the third largest. with history and natural beauty it is one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities. It lies between 37 ° 45 ‘and 39 ° 15’ north latitudes and 26 ° 15 ‘and 28 ° 20’ east longitudes. It is surrounded by Balıkesir, Manisa, Aydın and the Aegean Sea. İzmir is a province with a colorful nature, rich historical heritage and abundant lands.

The origin of the name

This city was named “Mirina” by the “Lelegler”. When the Ionians came to this region, they called the city ‘Smirina’ and then ‘Smirna’. When the Turks conquered the city, they pronounced its name as ‘İzmir‘ and it remained.


* İzmir is one of Turkey’s big cities. Its economy is versatile. Industry, tourism and agriculture are the source of the Izmir economy. Industry is important for İzmir. 3 is a turkey that the manufacturing yl. İzmir port is important for the economy. The most important export port of our country is located in İzmir. İzmir port has contributed in an important way to Turkey.* It is among the agriculture provinces. It is stated to be an important agricultural center. A considerable variety of crops are grown in agriculture. Fruit and vegetable growing is at the forefront.* Tourism is very important for İzmir economy. It is a city open to tourism due to its historical monuments, natural beauties, climatic conditions and geographical location. Which is frequented by local and foreign tourists in İzmir, Turkey makes a great contribution to the economy in terms of tourism.


Handicrafts are made carefully in İzmir. Needle embroidering, textile, evil eye bead, felting, silk weaving, pottery, shoe making, copper processing, mother-of-pearl work and weaving are the most important handicrafts of İzmir. These works, which are not only art, are also considered as livelihoods. Evil eye beads are made by processing stones made of different stones and colors. Horseshoe is an art unique to Tire, the district of İzmir.

The horseshoes used in the past have reached today. Although we do not see many in women’s feet, they are bought as decor and gifts.Mother-of-pearl and copper workmanship are also very important. The motifs engraved on copper items have an excellent appearance. Psoriasis is usually made as jewelry to decorate women. But mother of pearl, which is engraved on instruments such as saz, has an important place. Another important handicraft of İzmir is weaving of bellies.The municipal weaving of Tire district is processed on the municipal weaving looms with silk threads. In history, the caftans of the Ottoman sultans decorated the dowry chests.

Places to See in İzmir

Center of İzmir


Konak square is the main point for those who want to travel to İzmir. Many of the touristic places are gathered in this square.

Clock tower

İzmir Clock Tower is located in Konak district of İzmir and its length is 25 meters. It is said that the green and red colored stones used in the architecture of the building were brought from Ephesus. The clock tower consists of 4 floors. In addition, this structure has an octagonal base. It is said that the octagonal base has a narrow area and there are offenders in this area.  

Alsancak Love Path

Think of such a street that the centuries-old palm trees lined on both sides, a floor illuminated in color and commemorative plaques with famous names of Yeşilçam. Alsancak Love Road located in Konak is one of the pleasant spots of İzmir.

Izmir Cord Length

Kordon is the place you should definitely visit to get rid of the crowded environment of İzmir and to relieve the stress of the day.

Allianoi Ancient City 

Covering an area of ​​30 thousand square meters, Allianoi Ancient City has a rich relic. Its use as a permanent settlement area in Prehistoric, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods allows the present remains to provide information from many periods. The most important feature of the city in Bergama district of İzmir is that it is located in the thermal region. The three-storey hot spring and the mosaics in the hot spring are among the most remarkable ruins.

Nebiler Waterfall 

This waterfall in Nebiler Village is visited by local and foreign tourists, especially during the summer season. There are trekking trails here and you can enjoy nature by trekking.At the same time, one of the reasons why the village is preferred by most visitors is the hot springs and hot springs located here.

Çeşme Hot Springs 

Çeşme is one of the regions preferred by local and foreign tourists for the holiday. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, historical sites and hot springs.

Cesme Peninsula 

Çeşme Peninsula, which is one of the regions that attract the most tourists, is located in İzmir and its hotels, boutique hotels and pensions are always open to its guests.

Atatürk Museum 

İzmir Atatürk Museum: It is a building facing the sea, on Gündoğdu Square, on Atatürk Street. This mansion, which was built as a house by carpet trader Takfor between 1875 and 1880, was abandoned by its owner on 09 September 1922 and became the property of the treasury.

Ephesus Ancient City 

Ephesus is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Celsus Library. Celsus Library is a ruin of a library in Ephesus, İzmir, Selcuk. The library, built between 110-135 in the Roman period, has two floors. It is thought to have hosted up to 14,000 books on time.

Selcuk Castle

Selçuk Castle in Selçuk district of İzmir, who are among the most visited in Turkey. While Selçuk Castle takes you on a journey with its deep-rooted history, the city walls, cisterns, stone-paved stone streets are among the ruins that will attract your attention.Moreover, when you are facing the view of the castle, all the questions and problems in your mind will fly away from there. You should photograph every moment of Selçuk Castle. The ruins around a separate world are a separate world.

Historical elevator 

İzmir, which has been accommodating quite different cultures for years, shares the heritage of these cultures with its own people and visitors today, and the elevator is one of the most typical examples of this type of heritage. Jewish citizens have a special place among the people of İzmir.

Radio and Democracy Museum 

Radio and Democracy Museum, one of the 390 radio museums in the world, is distinguished by being the first and only museum that uses the concept of radio and democracy together. Located in the historical building called ‘Asmalı Ev’ in the Basmane – Altınpark region, the museum consists of six rooms and a library, displaying approximately 150 radios, pickups, numerous records and interactive works. 

Places to visit around İzmir

Alacati When it comes to Alacati, colorful streets, historical stone houses, wind roses, tiny hotels, crowded streets, windsurfing and Grass Festival, whose reputation spreads all over the country, come to mind. Fountain Çeşme is a district neighbor to Urla and Karaburun. Although it seems to be in the shadow of Alaçatı in terms of popularity today, Çeşme is beautiful in every season. Seferihisar It is one of the few places with the title of “cittaslow” (slow city) in our country. If you say what is “Cittaslow”, this term is a name given to the original and peaceful places within its own identity by the international municipalities association established in Italy in 1999.

Standing 120 km from the center of İzmir. Dikili, neighboring Bergama. Dikili, which has a long history, is also rich in natural beauties. Crater lakes, caves and forests should be seen. The district is ideal for those who are looking for a quiet summer place. 

Ephesus It is an ancient Greek city located in Selcuk district of İzmir. Ephesus Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Historical Heritage list, is the center of attention of local tourists as well as foreign tourists. Christians come here and become pilgrims. The Temple of Artemis, located in the city, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition, the House of Virgin Mary, Ashab-i Keyf Cave, ancient theater, Celsus Library and Isa Bey Mosque are among the places to see. 

Local Foods of İzmir

 BoyozCrispyİzmir OverallsDoveBombBiteThe sambalTurkish Coffee with Mastic GumGum JamCreamy Ice CreamStuffed ArtichokeÇığırt UpIzmir meatball

Most Popular Luxury Hotels in İzmir

 Hilton İzmirMövenpick Hotel İzmirRamada Plaza by Wyndham İzmirRenaissance İzmir HotelSwissôtel Büyük EfesWyndham İzmir Özdilek

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