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Istanbul Toy Museum - تور فور اربز
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Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum was founded on April 23, 2005 by Sunay Akın, both a writer and poet. It is also considered as Sunay Akın Toy Museum in different sources.The museum, which is a short but nice summary of the toy culture dating back to the 1700s, has a concept and toys that appeal to adults rather than children and can take them back to their childhoods. Therefore, it can also be called a fairy tale house, which is definitely a must-see for families with children.

Starting from 1990, Sunay Akın’s Istanbul Toy Museum, which was established with the most valuable works of the toy history that many of its countries bought from royalty, from antiques and auctions, and presents its history with a more fun and memorable learning method. In the section where space toys are exhibited, the effort to reach the Moon, and in the train toys section, the industrial revolution is explained in the language of the toys.The decor of the museum was designed by the stage design artist Ayhan Doğan with this in mind.


The museum is the first in the world with the feature of being opened by a poet and designed by a stage design artist.One of the most important features of the Istanbul Toy Museum is that it embraces the family with all its members. With this feature, the museum is a place where three generations can spend time together and share common happiness. Grandma / grandfather, mother / father, together with the children, enjoy their journey to their childhood in a time machine and enjoy telling each other their own periods. The corridors of the toy museum echo with the sounds that begin with the phrase “I had this from me!” And the memories of childhood are told.There is no limit on the number and type of toys in the museum. As soon as you step into the toy museum, a fairytale world awaits you. Your doll, lead soldiers, metal cars, childhood, memories are waiting for you.

Sunay Akın collected nearly four thousand antique toys from home and abroad. The oldest toy is a toy violin made in France in 1817… A doll made in America in 1820, marbles from the same country in 1860, hundred-year-old tin toys and porcelain dolls made in Germany are among the oldest works of the museum.The museum consists of 5 floors. You will find yourself in a submarine on the lowest floor where the conference hall is located, and you will feel inside the gears of a toy in the cafe where you can sip your tea and coffee. You will experience a different adventure in each room you enter and meet your childhood friends.

Istanbul Toy Museum Visiting Hours

 Day                                      Opening               Closing—————————————————————————Weekdays                              09:30                18:00—————————————————————————-Weekend                                09:30              19:00—————————————————————————- 

Days when Istanbul Toy Museum is Closed

The museum is closed to visitors on Mondays.

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Istanbul Toy Museum

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