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Istanbul - The city that does not sleep in Turkey - تور فور اربز
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Istanbul – The city that does not sleep in Turkey

Istanbul – The city that does not sleep in Turkey

Real estate is “property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property, (more generally) buildings or housing in general. Over the past decade, the city has experienced a renaissance, fast becoming an epicentre of economy and business in the world.

Istanbul is Turkey’s economic, cultural, and historical heart and its largest city with a population of 13.9 million.Turkey, growth within the last 14 years, has been focus of attention of the world. While this growth is taking place, there have been many groups and countries that do not want it.Turkey, rich underground resources, air, nature, as in the past with the sea and young population, especially, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Trabzon, Antalya, and major cities are available.

Istanbul is the second most populous city in the world after Shanghai, but it is the only city in the world that connects two continents (Asia & Europe). A city , never sleeps, Istanbul has been hosting many foreign investors these days from all over the world to take the advantages of  tailor made deals for every budget.Recently, the foreign nationals are more interested in buying  real estate in Istanbul than past years.

There are several important reasons why investors are more keen on investing in this City of Growth.

Turkey open to all kinds of investments in the commercial field, let’s talk about why we need to invest in Turkey:

  • Tax exemption for indigenous and especially foreign investors.
  • One day for company establishment.
  • Factory installation.
  • Discount for general expenses.
  • Credit bank as support .
  • Sea, air and land transport is common and cheap.
  • Trading with all kinds of currencies.
  • Money transfer can be done by very easily way.
  • Climate conditions are appropriate.
  • Availability of suitable land for agriculture.
  • Following technology is very closely.
  • 98% of the population is Muslim.

investment in turkey

And for many reason, we can’t invest in Europe, such as:

  • Tax exemption for foreign investors.
  • Company setup is long, laborious and costly.
  • No discounts on general expenses.
  • Far from the Middle East.
  • Sea, air, and land transport is very expensive.
  • Trading with Euro and Dollar only.
  • Money transfers are limited.
  • Climate conditions are difficult.
  • The proportion of Muslim population in Europe is 6%.

On the other hand, why I shouldn’t invest just in the Middle East:

  • Most of the countries on the Middle East dependent on oil and natural gas production.
  • Over the past 20 years, the use of oil in the World will be reduced by 90%.
  • Climate conditions are difficult.
  • Raw material costs are high.

The most important thing, The railway system in Turkey covers about 11,000 km and it is developing daily, due to modern and well-planned government reforms. This is an important conveyance in Turkey, with direct implications in different economic sectors in the country and outside of it.

Besides that, the highway system is quite consistent and covers about 383,000 km, one of the main aspects to consider when having a business in Turkey.

The law related to foreign investments in Turkey offers accessibility and a proper approach to all overseas entrepreneurs.  Regarding the taxes, many companies are exempt from certain fees, and the corporate tax is set to 20%.

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