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Istanbul Asian Continent Places to Visit


Anadolu Kavağı

Anadolu Kavağı, the fishing village of the Bosphorus opening to the Black Sea, is most famous for its fish restaurants by the sea. If you do not want to sit in the restaurant, you can say that you can also have mussels and pans between bread.

Yoros Castle

When you come to Anadolu Kavağı, do not forget to go to Yoros Castle. Also called Anadolu Kavağı Castle or Genoese Castle, this castle was built to control the entrance to the Bosphorus. The castle is an Eastern Roman structure.


Today, Polonezköy is home to a delightful nature park and many breakfast and barbecue places with its 5 kilometers long hiking trail. In fact, the breakfast places here can even be considered the most popular among the breakfast places in nature close to Istanbul. Although the road is very crowded on weekends, if you go early, you can have a wonderful day in nature.

In the nature park, you can take a walk, ride a bike or ride a horse, breathing in the oxygen-rich air. Whatever you do, I guarantee you will return home rejuvenated.


Şile is a town that has become the apple of the eye of the people of Istanbul with its beach, castle and lighthouse. When you watch the hard waves crashing on the rocks, one gets ecstatic. When you go down to the port, you see the fish that the fishermen pulled out of their nets and find yourself in their restaurant.


Ağva is a beautiful place on the Black Sea coast, between Göksu and Yeşilçay creeks, which originate from Izmit. It is also a great place to swim on its 3-kilometer-long beach, watch the sunset from its lighthouse, take a boat tour along the Göksu River, and taste fish at the fish restaurants.


Sapanca, the town of Sakarya, which is famous for its nature, which is one of the most popular places of our country, is a nice sightseeing route to spend the weekend, even though it does not offer many options for its visitors in terms of places to visit. You can take a walk around Sapanca Lake, have a village breakfast in Maşukiye, eat trout, have a picnic in Sapanca’s lush forests and plateaus, and enjoy skiing in Kartepe if you go in the winter season.

Istanbul Islands

There are corners of paradise that are as far from Istanbul as a ferry ride: Islands. You will wave goodbye to Istanbul from the ferry, and when you set foot on the islands, you will be in a completely different world.

The Istanbul Islands are also called the Prince Islands. The reason why they got this name is that the islands were the place of exile of nobles, princes, patriarchs and even emperors during the Byzantine period.

There are settlements on 5 islands (Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Sedef Island). Each island has different beauties for me, and each one has a different place in my heart.

Hıdiv Pavilion

Hıdiv Kasrı is a place where you can watch the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul and spend time in front of a wonderful palace. The Ottoman governor of Egypt was called the Khedive. Hıdiv Kasrı, which is located in a large wood in Çubuklu, was also the mansion of Hıdiv Abbas Hilmi Pasha.

Abbas Hilmi Pasha bought 2 wooden mansions in Çubuklu in 1903 and a 270-decare garden covering the slopes and upper plain behind the mansions. In 1907, the Italian architect Delfo Seminati had the magnificent palace cub built in accordance with the architectural fashion of that period.

The building of the pavilion is in the form of a castle. The Khedive Crown Flag with crescent and star is placed on its door. The outer door entrance is completely engraved with gilded flower figures. After enjoying your coffee in its garden, you should definitely visit the inside of the pavilion.

There is an artificial waterfall in the grove below where the pavilion is located. It will be very enjoyable to take a break at this waterfall while walking in the garden.

I think you will enjoy tasting the famous Kanlıca yoghurt when you go down to the side of the Bosphorus from Hıdiv to Kanlıca.

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