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Information About Corona Certificate That Should Be in Hotels

Information About Corona Certificate That Should Be in Hotels

The whole world is going through a different process due to the pandemic. With the introduction of Covid-19 virus into our lives, many transformations began to occur in social life. Countries have developed some methods to deal with this pandemic, which occurs by taking various precautions. All business and social areas, especially naturally in the health sector, came under the influence of Covid-19 virus. With the approach of the summer months, the questions of how virus and holiday will come together come to mind. With regard to the pandemic, the eyes were turned into measures and procedures to be established by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It was among the topics of debate about the kind of hotels that could survive this crisis during the epidemic process. Of course, the ‘corona certificate‘ is one of the items that hotels should have in order to survive the Covid-19 era. A draft was created by making various arrangements for the content of the “corona certificate” that hotels should have. The certificate draft articles, which were created in cooperation with ministry officials and experts on the subject, created by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, were determined. The hygiene rules were arranged with the hotel staff, guests and the hoteliers’ associations arranged within the hotel.

The Importance of Social Distance

Among the criteria included in the document “corona certificate” drafted due to corona virus, the issue of social distance in general is remarkable. One-by-one protocols will be prepared for all the departments in the hotels regarding the precautions taken and the rules to ensure hygiene and the hygiene practices created within the framework of Covid-19 will be hung on the walls with various schemes. While determining the social distance in the regions with human density, it is envisaged to make various arrangements by following the scale of leaving at least 1.5 meters. Attention will be paid to the social distance limit, especially in regions where there is human density, such as reception and eating and drinking areas. In order to ensure control in these areas, the lines defining the border will be drawn. In areas such as pool, amphitheater, show areas, food and beverage section, lobbies, waiting rooms, foyer areas, it will be necessary to take care to maintain the gap between the sunbeds, chairs, chairs and tables.

Measures Taken About Personnel

Among the “corona certificate” articles that hotels must comply with, there are many measures especially regarding personnel. Of course, the use of disposable gloves, surgical masks and gowns comes first. Hotel employees pool areas, beach, etc. will apply the use of masks, gloves and aprons throughout the hotel to ensure hygiene. Employees will be paid attention to work in the same shift zone by arranging working hours. The health status of the members of the employees, that is, family members, will be monitored, and family members will be monitored for the last 14 days, such as whether they have symptoms of Covid-19 virus or not. In order to keep control tight, body temperatures will be measured by paying attention to the use of protective equipment to ensure personal hygiene at the beginning and end of the working hours. The controls created during the individual follow-up process regarding the employees will be recorded. In addition to all personal inspections regarding the personnel, there will be measures to protect the social distance inside or outside the hotel. Collective birthdays, various celebrations, meals, etc., to ensure that staff keep distance. There will be restrictions on activities such as. The staff in the room cleaning service will be required to use disposable gloves, surgical masks and gowns, as in other areas. The hotel staff working on security will also use eye / face shield masks that protect the eyes and face, as they will be in dialogue with the guests, as well as following the gloves, mask and apron rule. In addition to the use of personal hygiene equipment by security personnel, there will also be rules to regulate the communication with customers. Manual security checks will be minimized as much as possible, and if the search is mandatory, the controls will be carried out with the back of the guest avoiding face-to-face contact. If the employees have complaints and symptoms such as cough, high fever, shortness of breath, which are among the symptoms of Covid-19, those personnel will be taken to an isolated area and directed to the healthcare facility.

Rules That Guests Should Follow

There are some items to be observed within the guests of the facility, along with the importance of the measures taken by the personnel in the hotels, the general areas and the hygiene of the equipment. Attention will be paid to ensure that the guests entering the hotel are masked. If there is no mask in the guest entering, the mask will be given. So, it will be mandatory to have anti-virus equipment such as masks and disinfectants in the hotels. The body temperatures of the people entering the hotel will be measured by using disinfectants at the entrance of the hotel. In addition, information will be conveyed to the guests with a written text at the entrance. In this text, there will be information about the applications and the rules that the guests must follow within the hotel regarding Covid-19. Along with these informations and warnings, those who login will also need to fill out a form. In this form, information such as where the individuals came from, the visits they have made in the last days, and the phone and addresses of the people who can be reached from the relatives of the guests in case of a special situation will be obtained. Also, during this special pandemic process, legal arrangements will be made that the hotel will not be held responsible for the transmission of diseases related to Covid-19 virus or similar negativities during and after the stay at the hotel, after consent that the personal information of the guest can be shared with various institutions. The customers will be able to enter the areas such as various sales stores within the business by complying with the hygiene rules throughout the stay process, and the rules regarding how many people are suitable to enter the store will be in writing. These rules will need to be written in at least three languages.

Equipment Hygiene

Among the important issues within the “Covid Certificate” are the equipment within the hotel. We have talked about the necessity to have protective equipment such as masks and gloves at the hotel. Along with these equipment, hand and space disinfectants and cleaning materials should also be present and all of them should have TSE certificate. Attention will also be paid to the maintenance of the installations and equipment within the facility. Namely, it will be necessary to pay attention to the general maintenance and hygiene of all equipment and equipment related to air conditioners, laundry, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, ventilation, elevators. As in all areas of the hotel, disinfectants will be kept in the food and beverage section, and attention will be paid to the hygiene of any equipment in this area. With the regular disinfection of the service equipment in the food and beverage area, measures will be developed in order to take food in the buffet if the hotel has a buffet area. In the event that there is no final decision on the open buffet yet, in case of an open buffet, the dishes in the buffet will be protected with a transparent curtain in order to prevent the contact of the food area with the guests. In addition, it will be specially shown to be disposable in the materials such as salt, sugar and napkin in the food and beverage section. Tea and coffee machine etc. in common areas. vehicles will be removed to reduce risk. In order not to make victims of the guests, arrangements will be made such as the commissioning of officials related to beverage services. Along with the maintenance and hygiene measures taken in relation to the vehicles in the entire hotel, there will also be many measures for the equipment in the accommodation rooms. All the equipment that comes to mind such as refrigerator, television, air conditioner control in the room will be disinfected with disposable cloths after the guests leave the room. Attention will also be paid to using separate cloths for each room during this disinfection. Materials such as soap, shampoo, shower cap, fork, knife, plate set in the rooms will be made disposable. The air conditioners of the rooms will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. It will also be noted that the guest room will be left empty for 12 hours after the guest leaves the hotel. If the Covid-19 case becomes a detected guest, the disinfection of the equipment such as bed sheets, towels and bed linen will be provided specially. It seems likely that the hotels that have the document and apply it correctly after the draft of the “corona certificate”, which was prepared considering hygiene and social distance, is likely to overcome the pandemic process easily.

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