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Ihlamur Kasrı

Ihlamur Kasrı

Ihlamur Kasrı has an area of ​​25 thousand square meters; Besiktas is located on the junction of Nüzhetiye Caddesi, between Ihlamur and Teşvikiye. In some sources; In the middle of the 18th century, a pavilion belonging to Hüseyin Efendi was written; At the beginning of the same century III. The two bridges made by Ahmet in the linden of the unique garden are mentioned. However, between 1849 and 1855, existing buildings were demolished and replaced by Abdülmecit to build the mosques of today’s Balyan.Ihlamur Kasrı, Maiyet Köşkü and Merasim Köşkü. Maiyet Köşkü is in a more plain appearance than the Ceramics Köşküne; It was generally used for the Sultan and the harem women. Today a nice cafeteria serves here. Merasim Mansion is; Baroque style ornamented with ornaments. The ceilings are covered with landscape paintings, the porcelain used in the decorations of the firemen, the products of the star furnace. Mansion; The crystal hunts are decorated in European style with many furnishings, Hereke carpets and ornate vases.Abdulaziz; In the garden of this casket, he had wrestling competitions, coach and cock fighting. I. Abdulmecit hosted the famous French poet Lamartine here; In addition, V. Mehmet Reşat accepted the presence of the foreign state where the statesmen of Bulgaria and Serbia were present.It was transformed into the Kasr, which was not used for a long time in the Republican period, in 1952, the Merazim Köşkü Tanzimat Museum and the Maiyet Köşkü in the Historical Köşkler Museum. It was removed from being a museum for a while and was completely restored in the 1980s. In 1987, with its garden, it opened its doors to its guests.

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