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Ibrahim Pasha Palace - تور فور اربز
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Ibrahim Pasha Palace

Ibrahim Pasha Palace

Ibrahim Pasha Palace, Suleiman the Magnificent and the second son of the queen, which Pargalı Damat İbrahim Paşa Palace in Istanbul is in Sultanahmet Square. Abraham Pasha’s Palace, known as the Palace of the Earliest, was married to Sister Suleiman the Magnificent and then started to be called Ibrahim Pasha Palace. Today it is used as Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works.İbrahim Paşa Palace, one of the most important examples of 16th century Ottoman civil architecture, ascends on the stages of the historical hypodrama extending to the Roman Period. 18th century. According to the Ottoman historian Solakzade, the date of construction of the palace is not completely known, It coincides with the Bayezid period. (1481-1512). It is also known that he was repaired in 1521 at the time of Kanuni. bigger and more magnificent is written by Ibrahim Pasha Palace of Topkapi’s Historic Palace, many weddings, as festivities and celebrations, as well, mixed periods and rebellion to the scene been, Ibrahim Pasha, the strangled by Hürrem Sultan rumor in 1536 (the blood of the sultan’s family These types of people have always been strangled in history, since they are out of the decree as procedural methods.) Then they were named with the same name and used in other viziers, such as barracks, embassy palace, notebook, mehterhane, sewerage and prison.

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