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Hippodrome - تور فور اربز
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The remains of the Byzantine period, with very little remnants of the daylight, were built around the important buildings and monuments of the Hippodrome (Sultanahmet Square). The hippodrome in the period of the Roman Empire and later the Byzantine Empire continued its importance as a meeting, entertainment, excitement and sports center for 10 centuries.Alongside the car races, there were musician ensembles, dancers, acrobats, fighting shows with wild animals, and meetings. For all these activities, there were plenty of vacations during the Roman period. In the form of a giant U-shaped hippodrome, on the eastern side of the hippodrome, there were 4 bronze horses on the roof, in the shape of a balcony, the emperor’s lodge. At the center was a low wall, dividing the sandy beach of the hypodrome into two, racing around the cars, on this wall were statues of abriders and famous horse racers and their horses brought from various parts of the empire. A renowned car racer floated in all the possible financial possibilities. The riders were divided into teams that also had political forces such as green-blue-yellow-red. Time, time, politics confused the races, the struggles of mutual powers could turn into terrible massacres. The hippodrome came up with three monuments that rose up to 4-5 meters and remained at the daily level.These are the Knitted Obelisk, the Obelisk brought from Egypt and the Serpent Column brought from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. In the Ottoman era, in this square, various festivals and demonstrations were arranged, sometimes like the rich shows of the old days. West of the Hippodrome, opposite the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the grand vizier of Kanuni, the Ibrahim Pasha Palace, Is the only example of the wealthy and typical private palaces that arrive daily. This beautiful structure is open to the public as a Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works. From the hippodrome, the day-to-day south-south remains. It is a brick structure equipped with large arches. In subsequent periods, the Hippodrome stone blocks and columns were all used in other structures. Hippodrome entrance to the right of the park 4-5 yy. The remains of private palaces belonging to the Byzantine Church of Aya and the remains of the Byzantine Church of Aya.During the Ottoman period, the Janissary rebellions took place in this region, for forty days and forty nights, princes circumcised weddings, festivals were held here. The 1920 Sultanahmet rally where Halide Edip speaks against the occupation in Istanbul was also held here.

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