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Hidiv Kasrı - تور فور اربز
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Hidiv Kasrı

Hidiv Kasrı

The Italian architect Delfo Seminati, built in 1907 by the Egyptian Hidivi Abbas Hilmi Pasha, is built into the ruins of the Çubuklu ridge. The 1000 square meter building has an “art-nouveau” decoration style. Abbas Hilmi Pasha, who had been in talks with V. Mehmet Reşat in Istanbul while declaring Egypt’s independence, Taken from his post, he and his family settled in Hidiv Kasrı in Istanbul.There is a marble fountain in the middle of the main entrance of Hidiv Kasrı. Do this by watching other fountains and pools inside. The connections between the cabin halls draw circles around the pool and this circle is cut only in the entrance hall. Tavansa is covered with stained glass.There are two large bedrooms in a circular piece on top of the fireplace on the entrance floor; Lamps, interior toilet and bathrooms. Another feature of the building is; It is the tower where half of the Bosphorus can be watched. Both elevator and staircase are accessible, with a middle floor with balcony and an open terrace.Kasır was purchased by the Municipality of Istanbul after Hidiv left Istanbul in the 1930s, but not between 1937-1982. It was only occasionally given to rent for filming, but at this time it was very disgusted and even the very precious stained glass on the ceiling broke so that even enough light would come out. In 1982, the restoration was initiated by the Turkish Turing and Automobile Authority; After two years of work, in 1984, the hotel served as a restaurant and a cafe.Hidiv Kasrı, which is operated as a restaurant by Beltur affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality today, Weddings, seminars and meetings are also hosted.

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