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Province located in the Black Sea Region, known for its Giresun hazelnut. Giresun province, which is accepted to spread cherries and hazelnuts from all over the world, is located between the Black Sea, Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Erzincan, Sivas and Ordu in the Eastern Black Sea region. It lies between 40 ° 07 ‘and 41 ° 08’ north latitudes, 37 ° 50 ‘and 39 ° 12’ east longitudes.

The origin of the name

There are two different opinions about the origin of the name of Giresun. The first of these is stated in the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi Travel Book. Giresun Castle was conquered by Muhasip Mahmud Pasha during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han. Fatih, while the castle was conquered, Mahmud Pasha; “Go under the castle tonight!” It was called Giresun because it was entered and conquered by means of tunnels.Secondly, it is rumored that the name came from “cherry” (Karesus or Keressea). Latinos called this city “Chirizonda, Kerasounde, Cera Sonte”. Roman commander Lucullus took the cherry tree from Giresun, brought it to Rome, and spread from there to the world. When Turks dominated Giresun, they first said “Kerasun”. In time, this word was settled as “Giresun” in the language of the people. The first inhabitants of Giresun are Tiberans, Kalipler and Mosineks from Central Asia. B.C. They were dealing with blacksmithing in 1100. They joined the Phrygian Confederation after the collapse of the Hittite Empire. After the Phrygians, the Miletus (Miletus) captured the area. 


Kümbet Plateau

It is 60 km away from Giresun city center. Kümbet Plateau is the most popular plateau of Giresun province. There are electricity, water, grocery store, restaurant, butcher, bakery, greengrocer and health center in the plateau. Covered with lush forests and green meadows, Kümbet Plateau has all kinds of facilities.

Pasakonagi Plateau

Paşakonağı Plateau, which is one of the important plateaus of Giresun province, is located in Kovanlık District of Bulancak district. On Paşakonağı Plateau, there are Karasay Waterfall, Impassable Valley, Çiğseli Lake and Kızılot Meadow.Paşakonağı Plateau valleys, which have a magnificent beauty covered with yellow, purple and white azaleas, draw attention with their lake and waterfall.

Gölyanı Plateau

It is located between the border and Yeşilpınar Villages in the district of Yağdere. Gölyanı Plateau stands out with its green nature, clean air, deep blue lake and authentic highland houses.

Kulakkaya Plateau

It is located 45 km from Giresun city center. The roads are not asphalted for now, but going for it may be a bit troublesome.

Giresun Island

It has the feature of being the only island in the Black Sea Region. History and nature are intertwined on the island, which is 1 mile off the coast. The island is surrounded by walls. It is estimated that these walls were built during the Pontus Empire.There are historical temple ruins, temple ruins from the Byzantine Period, historical building ruins and watchtower on the island. Giresun Island, which is declared as a second degree protected area, is one of the places to be seen with its historical ruins and natural beauty.

Giresun Castle

It is located at the highest point of the peninsula in the city center. Giresun Castle; Pontus King Farnakes I. BC. It was built in the 2nd century. The castle, which consists of two parts, contains the ruins of the palace, stone caves, temples and church temples. 

Tirebolu Castle

It is located in the town center of Tirebolu. Tirebolu Castle, which is located on a hill covered with sea in three sides; It was named after Tri police, which means three cities.Tirebolu Castle was built in the 13th century during the Byzantine Period. Situated on a natural rock, Tirebolu Castle has a magnificent beauty and historical combination.There are city walls, towers and tombstones in the castle from the castle to the present day.In addition, there are historical fountains such as Selimağa Fountain, Çatal Fountain and Siyamoğlu Fountain in Tirebolu district.

Giresun Museum (Gogora)

It is located on the beach in the city center. The gogarakilise; It is an Orthodox church built in the 16th century. Gogara Church was built with cut stone, domed and typical church architecture.The historical museum, which was restored in 1982; It started to be used as a museum in 1988. Archaeological artifacts, stone reliefs and various historical artifacts belonging to the Ancient Bronze Age, Hittite, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Periods are exhibited in the historical church converted into a museum.

Catholic Church

It is located in the Çınarlar District of the city center. It was built in 1800 as a French Catholic Church. The church is a rectangular building with a fine architecture.It has been used as a children’s library since 1967. The historical church, which was restored in 2002, is a must-see. 

Giresun Castle Mosque

It is located in Kale District in the city center. The mosque was first built in 1830 by Dizdarzade Emetullah Hanım. It was later rebuilt by Sarı Mahmut Zade Mustafa Efendi in 1912.The mosque made of cut stone has the Neo-classical period feature. Kale Mosque, which is built with a central dome with a square plan, draws attention with its rich architecture. Kale Mosque is open to worship and visit today.

Zeytinlik District

Zeytinlik Mahallesi, located within the borders of Giresun province, is a historical neighborhood worth seeing. Zeytinlik Mahallesi, aka Gogora Mahallesi, consists of old historical Giresun houses. This neighborhood has been accepted as Urban protected area.

Bedrama Castle

There is no clear information about Bedrama Castle, located on the border of Tirebolu district of Giresun province, on who side and when it was built. Bedrama Castle is located on a high hill overlooking the Harşit Valley. City walls have survived from Bedrama Castle, which has a long history.

Bektaş Plateau

Bektaş Plateau, located on the border of Dereli district in Giresun province, is one of the largest plateaus of the Eastern Black Sea, which is 2100 meters high. Bektaş Plateau with fresh air receives thousands of visitors every year. There are tracks, accommodation facilities and all kinds of infrastructure services such as electricity, water and telephone in Bektaş Plateau. It is also possible to ski in the Kurttepe area in Bektaş Plateau in winter.

Sis Mountain Plateau

Sis Mountain Plateau, located in the high parts of Aladağ, located on the border of Görele district of Giresun province, is a place worth visiting. Located on the border of Trabzon and Giresun Province, this plateau flocks a large number of local and foreign tourists every year. There is almost no snow here until the summer months.

Seyyid Vakkas Tomb

Seyyid Vakkas Mausoleum: The mausoleum, which belongs to the mister Beyid Vakkas, which was useful in the acquisition of Giresun during the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was built in the 19th century, not in the 15th century.

Karagöl Mountains and Plateau

There are many oba with Karagöl mountains, the second highest mountain of Giresun. In the area close to the border of Ordu province in the northwest of the mountain, there is Aymalı Lake, which is a glacial lake just below the 3107-meter Karagöl hill with the Elmalı, Bozat Stone and İnboynu ‘ba. Karagöl Lake, which is the largest lake on the mountain as it goes east, and Bağırsak Lake in the valley of this lake descending towards Aksu village.

Festivals in Giresun

Giresun, one of the rare cities where green and blue come together, hosts many festivals throughout the year. Here are the Giresun festivals: 

  • International Black Sea Giresun Aksu Festival (May)
  • International Dereli Kümbet Culture and Art Festival (July)
  • Kuşdili Culture Tourism and Art Festival (July)
  • Cikrikkapi Plateau Festival (July)


Local Foods of Giresun

Cabbage PorkCorn Bread in SkilletStinging Nettle MealAnchovy PastryBiceps ForceHazelnut GüllaçCabbage SoupClumsy ForceBaked Dried BeansHazelnut Almond

Best Hotels of Giresun

Başoğlu Bulancak OtelAmazon Aretias HotelBirun Kümbet Dağ EviHotel AripsasHotel New JasminRamada Giresun Piraziz

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