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Fethiye is one of the well-known districts of Muğla. 50 km from Dalaman airport, Turkey is located at the confluence of the Aegean coast with turquoise bays of the Mediterranean. Fethiye is located on the old city of “Telmessos” where you can see its ruins and theater in the city. Fethiye is popular with its tourism and amazing nature. The population of Fethiye is around 115,000 and it gets a lot of visitors in the summer season.In a legend, “Telmessos” is defined as the name of the son of God Apollo. He falls in love with the daughter of the Phoenician king King Agenor. She turns herself into a small dog and acquires the love of the shy girl, taken.

Then he looks like a handsome man and has sons named “Telmessos”, which means “Land of Light”.Fethiye BC It became part of the 547 Persian Empire. “Telmessos”, BC. He joined the “Attic Delos Union” community founded in the 5th century. Later, the city left the union and became an independent city, BC. It continued its relations with the union until the 4th century.Fethiye grew rapidly in the 19th century and hosted a large number of Greek citizens.

Greeks during the exchange between Turkey and Greece have been sent to Greece and Turkey were transferred to Greece from the town. In honor of Fethi Bey, one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Air Force, the city was named “Fethiye”.Today, Fethiye is a touristic city with its international atmosphere. The town has 3 marinas serving international and local visitors and cruise ships. The town has everything tourists need. It is the only city where you can find delicious restaurants, wonderful nightlife, history and nature, incredible bays, traditional markets, shops, day trips, events, and possibly streets in the world where you can find sarcophagi, temples and ruins.

Fethiye Places to visit


 Lykians in the land of light and sun, in the Middle Ages “Distant Realm” recognized as, Teke Peninsula in the southwest of Anatolia, one of Turkey’s most important natural beauty … Ölüdeniz, which is exceptional by name, a point where vacationers pass without stopping. Holidaymakers are doing water sports in this magnificent beauty of this place. Activities such as water skiing, wakeboard, especially windsurfing and kite surfing are also of interest.


Kayaköy, which is a neighborhood of Fethiye, is an old Greek village. Kayaköy, formerly Levissi, was a lively area where nearly 10 thousand people lived until 1923. The village, founded on the Ancient Keti of Karmilassos, a few kilometers from Hisaronu, was established on the slope of a hill.Kayaköy, which is among the places to visit in Fethiye, was left empty for many years after it was abandoned by exchange. Kayaköy is now reviving with its narrow streets between pine, pomegranate and fig trees, houses on top of each other, churches, chapels and extraordinary view. Kayaköy Art Camp is a special place that can attract art lovers with yoga, workshops, excursions and camping.

Saklikent Canyon

One of the important places that Fethiye offers to its guests is Saklıkent Canyon. The canyon, which nature has bestowed on humanity, is an ideal route for daily visits. Saklıkent National Park, which is an hour’s drive from Fethiye, is one of the unique beauties that everyone should visit. 

Butterfly Valley And Kabak Bay

As well as Fethiye is one of Turkey’s natural beauty Butterfly Valley, is surrounded by a steep cliffs reaching 350 meters.Your name; The valley, which is taken from more than 80 butterfly species and especially Tiger butterfly, leaves its guests unforgettable memories with its magnificent atmosphere.Kabak is located on the historical Lycian Way in Turkey and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The people from every region and every sector of Turkey Guests who Kabak, leaving everyone amazed by its nature.

Fethiye Beaches

Oludeniz Beach

The district has magnificent natural beauties, Ölüdeniz Beach, which is one of the world famous beaches, is waiting for you, precious guests with its unique and serene beauties. Çalış Beach is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the beach. The beach is set in throne in the hearts of those who see white sands, deep blue and clear sea. 

Belcegiz Beach

The town, known as Belceğiz, is often used as a landing strip for paragliding enthusiasts, sunbathing on sun loungers on the beach with long and golden sands, and enjoying the sea in its clear blue waters. Hotel, restaurant, shopping malls, cafe, bar etc. at the back of the Belcekız coast. It is a great facility where local and foreign tourists can meet their needs.

Calis Beach

Çalış Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, calls out to its guests with its wide beach, which is kilometers long, as well as hotels, restaurants and gift shops.Çalış Beach, which offers a magnificent visual feast for those who want to walk in the evening against the warm summer breeze, is also appreciated as an ideal holiday destination for families.

Iztuzu Beach

Sea turtles house Iztuzu Beach; Thousands of adult sea turtles come and lay eggs every year in Iztuzu, which is one of the rare beaches in our country. Protected by the people of the region for years, the beach is one of the rare beaches left in the world.

Ancient Cities of Fethiye

 Tlos Ancient CityTlos Ancient City, which is spread over a very large area, is located within the borders of Yaka Village, 42 kilometers east of Fethiye.

Letoon Ancient City

The ancient city, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988 and was believed to be pregnant from Zeus, is located on the 65th kilometer of the Fethiye-Kaş highway.The ruins of Leto, Artemis, Apollo temples, monasteries, fountains and Roman theater in the city, which dates back to the 7th century BC, await visitors of history.

Telmessos Ancient City

The ancient city, the first settlement in the district, takes its name from Telmessos, the son of the god Apollo. Few of the ancient ruins of the city, which is the only settlement in the region that has hosted many cultures in history and has been in the region since its establishment, has survived to the present day due to natural events.The rock tombs in the south of modern Fethiye, the sarcophagus tombs in the district center and the theater ruins that were discovered as a result of excavations shed light on the ancient period of the city.

Patara Ancient City

The ancient city, believed to be founded by the nymph Lykia, is located on the Fethiye-Antalya highway. Patara, which was the capital of Lycian Civilization in ancient times, fascinates its visitors with its unique beach and breathtaking views.Since it is the only port opening to the sea in Xanthos Valley, Patara Ancient City, which has not lost its importance throughout the history, is waiting for the holidaymakers who love the historical ruins, especially the Roman Victory Jewelry roads, basilica and theater.

Local Flavors of Fethiye

Babadag KeskekÖlemeç SoupBasin PastryMeat ClosureTomato with BulgurBulgur With EggplantRoasted Chicken RoastÇiriş Tütı DinnerYellow Herb RoasterArtichoke with Olive Oil

Luxury Hotels in Fethiye

Hillside Beach ClubJiva Beach ResortLiberty Hotels LykiaSentido Lykia Resort & SPAYacht Classic Hotel

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