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Feriye Palaces

feriye palace

Feriye Palaces

Feria  Palace or the Palace of current along the Ciragan Caddesi Besiktas district of Istanbul Bosphorus in Ortakoy district, the coast is the former name of Ottoman palaces. Today the palaces are being used by various institutions for educational purposes.The first palace Dolmabahce Palace built for the Ottoman dynasty in Istanbul Bosphorus coast and then made Ciragan Palace Ciragan additional buildings of the Ottoman family yetmeyin century palace in the coastal strip between Ortaköy Mosque was built. This building, built by Balyan family member architects, is called the Feriye Palaces meaning secondary buildings or side buildings.On the sea side there are additional buildings on the roadside behind the group of buildings consisting of three main buildings, a carousel ward and a small two-storey building. In these palaces, the dynasties that the sultan approves and the ones who did not have the winter house sat. The palaces are approximately 3,000,000 square meters in size.After staying on May 30, 1876 coup deposed Abdul Aziz 4 days with the Topkapi Palace, the palace was transferred to the Feria because not satisfied where it left off. However, on the 4th of June 1876, the palace, which had been built after a short time after being placed in the palace of Feriye, was found to have been cut off as a result of its wrists. Various members of the Ottoman dynasty lived in these palaces on March 3, 1924, until the lifting of the Halifali. It was decided to use the dynasties’ palaces, which had been vacated for a while after being taken abroad, on the side of educational institutions. In 1927, the High Maritime School was set up in a part of the buildings. Kabataş Boys’ High School moved to another part of the Feriye Palaces in 1928-1929 school year. In 1967, Galatasaray High School received a girl student and a part of the Feriye Sarayları was used as the girl section of the language. Another part of the buildings near the Ortaköy Mosque was left unattended for many years.Today, Kabataş Boys’ High School is still teaching in the buildings that it has been using since 1928. Galatasaray High School is used as the girl section of the building since 1992 is the first part of Galatasaray University is used. In 1981 he moved to the Maritime High School in Tuzla, Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty in building upon becoming discharged since 1982 Seafood Ziya Kalkavan Anatolian Vocational High School began to serve. Another part of the palace which had been left empty for many years in a neglected state was opened to service as the Feriye Restaurant after being restored by Kabataş Education Foundation in 1995.

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