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Eskisehir - تور فور اربز
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Turkey’s most populous city of Eskisehir 25 ‘dir.Eskişehir is located in the Central Anatolia Region.Alpu, Beylikova, Günyüzü, Çifteler, İnönü, Mahmudiye, Mihalgazi, Han, Mihalıççık, Odunpazarı, Sarıcakaya, Seyitgazi, Tepebaşı and Sivrihisar are the districts of Eskişehir.Terrestrial climate prevails in the region.In the 14th century BC, Hittites founded a large state in Eskişehir. On September 2, 1922, the Turkish Cavalry came down to Eskişehir and the enemy forces saved Eskişehir. After the proclamation of the Republic, Eskişehir became a province in 1925.There are many underground riches in Eskişehir.  Kabalak water is a drinking water source that has become the symbol of Eskişehir.Turkey’s Eskisehir just ‘also known as the city issued Lule Move in underground riches. Today, it is used in pipe making and ornaments making. It has very rich reserves in terms of boron mine.Eskisehir, Turkey’s largest Organized Industrial Zone has what.Industry is the basis of Eskişehir’s economy.Agriculture and animal husbandry are carried out. In agriculture, plenty of vegetables and fruits are produced.Underground wealth is an important economic resource in Eskişehir.The first Turkish car Revolution was produced in Eskişehir Tülomsaş.The International Eskişehir Festival was organized for the first time in 1955.Activities such as classical music, Classical Turkish music, Turkish Folk music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Theater, Contemporary dance and ballet, Cinema, Children’s events, Photography, Painting, Sculpture Exhibitions, Conference and conversation are organized.International Terracotta Symposium has been organized by Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality since 2001. It is made to contribute to the development of the traditional terracotta production and industry of Eskişehir, to evaluate it artisticly, to protect the historical and cultural heritage and to introduce it to the world.As a traditional handicraft, it is woven into handcrafted stone, rugs, carpets, prayer rugs and sacks.

Places to See in Eskişehir


1) Historical Odunpazarı Houses

These are the historical houses from the Ottoman Period in Odunpazarı district, which is the oldest settlement in Eskişehir. Eskişehir, known as Dorylaion city in the Byzantine period and conquered by Kılıçarslan, one of the Seljuk rulers in 1176; It remained the Sultanönü Sanjak for a long time. Odunpazarı is the first settlement of this important city, from Byzantine to Seljuks, from the Ottomans to the Republic. Odunpazarı, also known as Karacaşehir in history; It was established on the hills in the southern part of Eskişehir.Nowadays, the city that preserves Ottoman values ​​and carries Ottoman traces; With its curved roads, dead-end streets, adjacent regular bay windows with wooden ornaments, it has kept its traditions and history alive in Odunpazarı houses until today and continues to live diligently.

2) Liberation Museum

It is the place where a great war and resistance was fought where a nation reborn from its ashes signed with blood, paid the full independence price of a nation with blood, and resisted British imperialism and Greek persecution.This is where our mothers carry ammunition with their carts for the sake of their homeland, for the sake of independence.

3) Eti City and Immigration Museum

Turkey’s first museum of migration within the possession of the museum in honor of the nail Eskişehir Odunpazarı district, Crimea from Turkey to Macedonia Turks, Tatars up to the Circassian sheds light on migration which prints the name of Ottoman historical events.

4) Tayfun Talipoğlu Typewriter Museum

Odunpazarı is a typewriter museum located in Eskişehir. Şamlıoğlu in the restored mansion and the collection opened in 2016 in terms of which have characteristics of being the first museum in Turkey Tayfun Talipoğlu the Typewriter Museum contains a variety of names typed in the country.

5) Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Industry Museum

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Industry Museum, which has been serving in one of the mansions in Odunpazarı since 2017, serves as a mirror to the past in the city’s commercial and industrial areas.

6) Republic History Museum

Anadolu University Republic History Museum building was built in 1916 as the Turan Sample School. Architecture is Kemal Bey. The building is considered one of the important examples of the First National Architecture period. Turan Sample School started education and training on December 30, 1916, which was accepted as the 617th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire. Education Manager Ethem Nejat Bey has made great efforts to open the school.The building was used as a hospital during the Greek occupation. Eskisehir was rescued from the enemy invasion on 2 September 1922 and turned into a prison where prisoners of captive Greek soldiers were held. The building, which was converted back to school after the declaration of the Republic, was evaluated as Turan Numune primary school until 1930. The building served as Eskişehir High School, Defterdarlık and Kız Ortaokulu between 1930-1955. It was handed over to the Turkish Armed Forces in 1957 and was used as a Military Branch until 1977. The building, which was registered as an old work in 1980, was later allocated to Anadolu University and was put into operation as “Anadolu University Republic History Museum” on April 23, 1994.

7) Anadolu University Education Cartoons Museum

The Anatolian University Education Cartoons Museum, whose construction dates back to the 1900s, has a two-storey wooden structure in the Historic Odunpazarı Region.This city, where cartoons are appreciated as art, has exhibition halls, a room reserved for master cartoonists and a library.

8) Atlıhan Handicraft Bazaar

 There are 25 workshops in this bazaar, which was opened in 2005 to be an important step for the continuation of traditional culture.Atlıhan, which was used by marketers, peasants or various people to spend the night and to bind their animals, has become a place where handicrafts are exhibited and sold today.

9) City Memory Museum

With the mission of recording the developments in every field of life from the past to the present in Eskişehir, this museum organizes various exhibitions and conferences and workshops are held.The museum, which performs extensive studies with its library that provides a wide range of services, welcomes experts from time to time.

10) Contemporary Glass Arts Museum

The Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, which was established in 2007, brings together the works of about 68 artists, including 10 foreigners, with the goers of glass art, as the first glass museum in our country.

11) Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Sculptures Museum

Yılmaz Büyükerşen Waxworks Museum is a museum located in the city of Eskisehir in Turkey. It was opened on May 19, 2013. Turkey is the first wax museum. 166 sculptures made by Yılmaz Büyükerşen, the Mayor of Eskişehir, are on display.

12) Kursunlu Mosque and Complex


  • Inside the Kursunlu Complex, which is an example of the 16th century Ottoman architecture:
  • A soup kitchen, which served as a clock tower until 1960, was also used as a refectory because of its proximity to the soup kitchen.
  • A caravanserai, which is estimated to be built after 1529 and now serves as a wedding hall.
  • A fountain, now distant from the old architectural line
  • Kurşunlu Mosque, named after the material used in its dome
  • An elementary school with traces from the Byzantine period and used as a library today.
  • The madrasah that belongs to the Meerschaum Museum, which is free to enter today and where meerstones are exhibited.
  • There is a tabhane that is thought to be reserved for the harem of the Mevlevihane in its time.


13) Alaaddin Mosque

III. Alaaddin Mosque, which was built in the time of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev and has been in existence as an Anatolian Seljuk since 1267, is the oldest mosque in Eskişehir.Although it has lost its original form with the repairs it has undergone, the green area created around it is known as Alaaddin Park.

14) Resadiye Mosque

Reşadiye Mosque is one of the symbolic places of Eskişehir’s list of places to visit.The Reşadiye Mosque, which was started to be built by Cevat Ülger in 1969 and completed after his death, takes this name because it was built at the request of Sultan Reşad.Surrounded by Provincial Public Library, old Courthouse, Eskişehir Governorship and Taşbaşı Bazaar, this mosque has two minarets.Hz. Muhammad, Hz. Abu Bakr, Hz. Ömer and Hz. He writes names inside each dome representing Ali.Reşadiye Mosque, which accepts the visits of countless tourists every year, is located in the Odunpazarı region.This mosque, which is the biggest mosque in Eskişehir, also carries traces of Ottoman architecture.

15) Sheikh Edebali Tomb

Located in the Odunpazarı cemetery, this three-room building is located in a courtyard surrounded by high walls.The funeral of Şeyh Edebali takes place in Bilecik, but another tomb was built here for him. 

16) Revolution Car

This car, which is exhibited as a pride of Eskişehir, can be taken to the front of the TBMM building and has a chance to meet Cemal Gürsel. Meanwhile, Pasha in the car, which runs out of gas, is passed on to the first revolutionary car. However, the Revolution, which is presented with the unfortunate headlines and has the title of the first Turkish car, is only gaining the reputation it deserves today.

17) Sazova Park

Sazova Park is another of the most important factors in the change of the face of Eskişehir and the European appearance of the city.The facility, which is officially named Eskişehir Science, Art and Culture Park, has sections designed to attract the attention of different age groups.The most striking part of the park, which was opened to visitors in 2008, is the Fairy Tale Castle designed for children aged 5-11 years. The castle, which visitors can visit by taking guided tours, has quickly become the most important symbol of the park.

18) Yazılıkaya Ancient City

The ruins of various structures such as rock monuments and tombs, water cisterns and settlements are encountered in Yazılıkaya Ancient City, which is thought to be used as a religious center by the Phrygians. This ancient city is also home to important buildings such as the Midas Monument.

19) Pisces Bird Paradise

Sivrihisar’daki located 40 km south Balıkdamı Bird Sanctuary is one of Turkey’s largest wetlands. This wetland, consisting of very small ponds and large reeds, is about 30 thousand acres. If migratory birds are accommodated in a wetland, it is obvious that there are enough fish in that area.

20) Anadolu University Aviation Park

The museum, which was opened with the help of many organizations such as Air Force Command, Anadolu University, Alp Aviation in 1997, is spread over 39 thousand square meters. Adding a closed exhibition hall in 1999, this place is actually a theme park, although it is seen as an open-air museum. A Sevdadır Eskişehir, Curiosity Machine Program, Tayyareci Vecihi Hürkuş and Eskişehir Conference, which is one of the high altitude air defense missiles in Anadolu University Aviation Park, and the example of which is encountered only in South Korea and in our country, MIM-14 Nike Hercules is a kind of fighter jet. Many aircraft variants such as the F-104 G Star Fighter and the f-bomber type F-100 C Super Saber are on display.  

Local Foods of Eskişehir

Balaban MeatballsYufkalı BüryanÇibörekKıygaş toRoasting PastryPoppy PancakeMet HalvaKalabak JuiceGocused TarhanaRing CandyMihallıçık CherryIn AbisGomboPainfulnessStuffed KelemA GobetRabbit StewToğga SoupBıt Bıt SoupPoppy Turkish DelightLamb SorpaOpen MouthChickpea RavioliPoppy WrapBoza

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