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Ephesus-Virgin Mary-Sirince


Selçuk is a charming town in Izmir province. What makes this district important is the position of the Virgin Mary, who is believed to have lived here for a time, the village of Şirince, which is believed to be the only place where the apocalypse will not break, and most importantly, the ancient city of Ephesus, whose foundation dates back 2500 years.Let’s start with the Virgin.The place called the House of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus in Bulbuldağı and not only Christians, but also Muslims considered the last years of the Virgin Mary St. It is the church he is believed to have spent with Jean (John). Many visitors come to this place, which is a place of pilgrimage for Christians. According to some people, the Tomb of Mary is thought to be in Bülbüldağı. The fact that the church here was named after the Virgin Mary may also be related to the fact that the Ecumenical Assembly convened in Ephesus in 431 decided that Mary had given birth to Jesus as the son of God.There is a medium-sized statue of the Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary

Below is the structure called The Church of the Virgin Mary.We can go to the Virgin Mary and finish our work and then we can go up to the mountain across the street and stop by the Smurf. In fact, if you come to Smurf in the early hours of the morning and have a nice breakfast, you start the day better.This village, whose original name is Kirkince, later took forms such as Kirkice, Kirkince and finally ugliness in the pronunciation of Rum and later in the first years of the Republic was formalized as Şirince under the instruction of Kazım Dirik, the governor of Izmir of the period.This is 19. during the century, it was an 1,800-digit Greek town, especially famous for its export-oriented fig production. In 1923, Turkey-Greece gained new inhabitants as a result of population exchange.

There are two Greek churches in the neighborhood which are in ruins. No house in şirince closes the view of the other. In parallel with the fact that the Mayan calendar shows 2012 as the year of the apocalypse, this place has become famous as the only place where the apocalypse will not break and has been visited by the influx of visitors.There is a café in shirincede that makes coffee with embers and is located next to the mosque, where you can drink coffee, if you are going in the summer you can drink black mulberry juice. Karadut is a fruit unique to this geography and is recommended against many weeks.Now let’s look at Ephesus, an ancient city. Also known as Ephesus and a port city in ancient times, the history of the city goes back 2500 or even 3300 years.When you enter the city, you provide access through the door marked with in.


If you follow the people from here, one of the main streets comes up before you, the right side of this street goes towards the ancient port and the left side goes towards the center of the city. When you go to the left side, you see the theater.When you enter the theater, you come across a theater reminiscent of Ancient Greek cities. As it is known, theatres in Greek cities used to take advantage of the slope on the slope of the mountain. However, the Roman theatres were built in the middle of the plain, independent of the mountain. The Collosseum is a building in this style.After passing the theatre you come across the wide street below. This street was located above a busy sewer system that was built for the needs of that time.

The footprints right next to this street also allowed people to check if they were big enough to engage in certain activities.At the end of the street is the Celsus library, perhaps the most famous structure of Ephesus. This library is MS 2.it was built at the beginning of the century and was home to nearly 14 thousand books at the time. The sculptures on it are still as vivid and flawless as they were when they were made.When you leave the library and continue uphill, there comes the temple of Hadrianus. As it is known, Hadrian was an important Roman emperor and there is a work called Hadrian’s library in Athens. Moreover, the old name of Edirne is mentioned as Hadrianopolis.

Below is an example of hillside houses extending from the side of the temple of hadrian to the end of the hill and with many mosaic decorations in them. Entrance to Hillside Homes is also charged. If you have time, I recommend it.When you continue up from here there are 2 important structures on the left side. The first is the fountain of Trianus and the other is the toilets. The fountain of Trianus is a magnificent work dedicated to the Emperor Trianus, unfortunately only the following remains.The restrooms are located below. It is rumored that state issues were discussed during this collective activity. Six of the seats here are connected to the sewer system mentioned earlier.

The road below shows the slope between the gate of Heracles and the library of Celsus.Heracles gate is located below and the main purpose of this gate is to narrow the road so that the horsemen coming from the main street do not enter this area.After this gate is reached the square or junction formerly used as Fountain called Hydreion. MS 2.it was built in the century.Right next to here is MS 1.the Domitian Temple of the century is located.The ancient city of Ephesus displays a truly magnificent image. At this open-air museum, you should also visit the Temple Of Artemis with the Seven Sleepers located in the vicinity. In fact, it would be nice to check out the Ephesus Museum in Selçuk.

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