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Emirgan Park - تور فور اربز
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Emirgan Park


Emirgan  Park

Emirgan  Park is in Turkish language Emirgân Korusu One of the largest gardens of Istanbul and the most beautiful , where is located in the area Sariyer near the complex Astnaa Park on the views of the Strait of Bosporus to be painting art very in the beauty and magnificence of places tourist in Istanbul.

But Turkey GeneralBecause the era of Amarjan Istanbul , because before the era of the Byzantine and then developed by the sultans of the Ottomans the beginning of the Sultan Murad IV and Tnagulwnha through the generations until the Khedive Ismail bought.

Located in the garden Amarjan in Istanbul more than 120 species different from plants and trees , the most famous tulip which colored areas and wide from the garden Boloanh brightly to the side of species other than trees , cedar , pine , beech and oak and mediate garden pond water pour into the waterfalls artificial and swim where kinds of ducks and geese so that you earn scene beautiful doubleIn addition to the nature and the trees of the garden Amarjan Istanbul many of the places to sit and relax in addition to the devices sport free.


Places dedicated for walking or riding bikes while the kids Faihzawn time fun amidst many of the games free and spaces that can where jogging and entertainment with their friends and there in the garden is also an area dedicated to the game of chess Down to earthWhen visiting Emirgan Park Istanbul, you can enjoy a wonderful picnic or relax and relax in one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Istanbul across an area that extends to 117 acres (470 thousand square meters).

As you can from through a stroll across the park to enjoy the appearance of trees , cypress , which is famous for its Amarjan Istanbul with 120 species other than trees and plants because of its history , all of the reign of the two civilizations of the Byzantine and Ottoman most famous pine , camphor and cedar and oak .As you can enjoy the movements of squirrels nice and twitter birds beautiful and rare that inhabit the trees and lakes that takes you from every place in the garden Amarjan Istanbul charming.

Recall that the park contains the all facilities of baths and a mosque in addition to the shop that sells ice cream and snacks and light as well as the presence of many of the restaurants and cafes Almtozaah inside the park , which offers food Turkish and drink Turkish favorite ( tea ) in addition to drinks and otherYou can also enjoy a session great on the coast of the Bosphorus with eating a meal breakfast or lunch delicacies restaurant Amarjan Sotih nearby before or after visiting the garden, or visit restaurants and cafes garden high which overlooks the tables of water fountains , waterfalls , artificial and occupies buildings mansions three that constructed the site during the reign of Khedive Ismail .

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Emirgan Park

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