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Edirne - تور فور اربز
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The first settlers in Edirne are the Thracian tribes. The first settlements along the Meriç and Tunca river banks started. The city, which continued with the dominance of the Achaeans, Persians and Odyss respectively, was conquered by the Macedonians and was called Orestia. The city, which was ruled by the Romans in 168 BC, remained under Byzantine rule until 813. While the Latin empire dominated the city during the Crusades, the Bulgarians dominated the city in 1261.While Ottoman domination started after 1371, Edirne  served as the capital until the Ottoman Empire until 1453. After this date, the city, which was not occupied by foreigners until 1877, was first occupied by the Russians and then by the Bulgarians in 1912. 2. The Greek invasion started after the city, which was taken again in the Balkan War. On 25 November 1922, along with Karaağaç, which was taken as a war compensation in Lausanne, the Meriç river was accepted as a border, and Karaağaç on the other side of the river remained the only Turkish soil.

Edirne Places to Visit


Selimiye Mosque

As the name suggests, it is the masterpiece that the Ottoman Sultan Selim II had built by the master architect of the period, Mimar Sinan. It is a masterpiece because the building was one of the most important works of Ottoman architecture that Sinan called my masterpiece. II. Care should be taken not to confuse Selim with Yavuz Sultan Selim. The mosque, which started its construction in the period of Selim II, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent, was opened to worship in March 1575. Unfortunately, II. Selim could not see the mosque opening to worship.When it comes to mosque architecture, it is an important factor that it does not resemble any architectural structure before its construction. It is covered by a single lebi with a height of 43 meters and a diameter of 31 meters and placed on a pulley based on 8 columns. The interior of the building is decorated with Iznik tiles. Some of the tiles were dismantled and moved to Moscow in the Russian war.Selimiye Mosque was included in the cultural heritage list by Unesco in 2011.

Selimiye has a little-known secret:


  • For two years, Sinan waited tons of stones for the ground to sit on the area where the mosque is located. To prevent slipping and cracking on the floor afterwards.


  • Many details in architecture make it important. 32 doors in total represent 32 fard in Islam, 5 terms of Islam in 5 levels in windows, 12 honored 12th Sultan 2nd Selim. A total of 99 windows are dedicated to 99 names of Allah.


  • The development of the dome appears as evidence of a separate genius of mathematics and physics.


  • The most interesting thing is that. When the ground controls, which become frequent after the 1999 earthquake, are made in Selimiye, a consensus is reached that the ground is weak and the minarets should be strengthened.

There is also the subject of reverse tulip, which is called with the mosque. Mimar Sinan orders the mosque tiles to be made with this number of tulip motifs to indicate 99 names of Allah. Then he sees that there are 98 motifs, not 99. Then he says, “Let it remain like this, our helplessness and servitude appear.” Then the 99th tulip is dug into the ruin of the muezzin, but it is dug upside down so that this helplessness arises. (of course there are different stories about this reverse tulip.

Bayezid Darüş-Healing

Ottoman sultan II, who came to the throne after Mehmet the Conqueror. It was built by Bayezid. Yavuz is the father of Sultan Selim. The building, which was built to bring Edirne, the capital, to a hospital, is currently operating with a health museum and mosque.


One of the regions of Edirne to breathe and find peace. There is no recipe to enjoy, especially with the cool wind blowing across the bridge and passing by the river Meriç. As for Edirne, choose here for breakfast.

Meriç Bridge

It is known as the new bridge (mecidiye), it was built in 1832 during the reign of Mahmut II. It has 12 belts. Watching the sunset from here is another pleasure.In fact, an important beauty of Edirne is its bridges over Meriç, Tunca and Ergene rivers. Gazi Mihal, built by the Byzantine Byzantine Emperor Michael Palailogos (1261-1282) in 1261, and II. Saraçhane built during the reign of Murat, Fatih during the reign of Mehmet II, the only eye made by architect sinan, Bayezid built by Sultan Bayezid II in 1488, Kanuni, who connected Sarayiçini to Edirne in 1554, and 172 arch by II Murat in 1427. Ergene in Uzunköprü, Tunca on Tunca river built in 1608, and Meriç bridges that come across as soon as you pass through Tunca attract attention.

Old Mosque

As the name of the construction date suggests, it is quite old. The old mosque started to be built in the time of Fetret, famous for the throne fights between brothers, and was completed by Mehmet I in 1414. Its architect is Konyalı Hacı Alaaddin. It was repaired in 1752 and 1924. The sermon chair is not used due to respect for Hacı Bayram Veli.

Three Honorable Mosques

There is information that it was built on 3 different dates as it is known by its name. 1410, 1437 and 1447. It was made by the master of the architect Sinan Muslihhiddin. There are 4 minarets in the four corners of the courtyard and one of the minarets has 3 balconies and three of them can be reached by separate stairs.

Karaağaç Train Station

This station in the town of Karaağaç in Edirne, II. It was built in the time of Abdulhamit. The building, which was built as Edirne Train Station, today serves as the Rectorate Building of Trakya University.Kemalettin Bey is the architect of the building where the Sirkeci Station in Istanbul was built as a model. The building, built in the neoclassical type, has three floors and has a rectangular plan and is 80 meters long.Although the building, which was completed in 1914, was not used as a train station, it was taken from Greece as a war compensation after the War of Independence.Karaağaç Train Station was one of the most important stations of Istanbul on the railway route to Europe.

Ali Pasha Bazaar

It was built by Mimar Sinan by his legal grand vizier Ali Pasha. It has 130 shops and 6 doors.

Bulgarian Church -Seti Konstantin-Elena Church

Edirne Uzun is located on the sidewalk. It was built in 1869. It was restored in 2008.

Sarayiçi and Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling

This is the area where the Ottoman Palace is located. A very small part of the palace, which was completed during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, survived. Kırkpınar wrestling is done in this area.

Rüstempaşa Caravanserai

It was built by Rüstem Pasha in 1554. The two-storey building has 80 hotel rooms and 21 shops.

Edirne Archeology Museum

Although it appears to be a large collection, it has a limited collection. There are different works in the area where Edirne local clothes and figures related to public life are exhibited, and the one-floor exhibition area is held.

Balkan War Museum and Monument to Şükrü Pasha

When it comes to the Balkan wars in Edirne, Şükrü Pasha comes to defense, and when Şükrü Pasha is called, his defense against the bulgarians comes. He defended the city of Edirne for 155 days under difficult conditions. He was given 50 days to defend Edirne and although it was stated that support would be sent, he could not. He surrendered at the end of the siege. In Germany, where he studied for Şükrü Pasha, a monument sculpture was erected for his epic defense. She lived in Sofia for 6 months in captivity.

Edirne Bedesten

It was built by Celebi Sultan Mehmet in 1418. The building, which is now used as a market, is right next to the Old Mosque. It is covered with 14 domes. Souvenirs and foods unique to Edirne are sold.

Famous Flavors of Edirne

Pan LiversLiver WrapPiyaz ToUntil MutancElbasan PanUntil MamzarKandilli RavioliBunkZerdeGerdan Dessert

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