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Eastern Black Sea - تور فور اربز
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Eastern Black Sea

Eastern Black Sea

Arab tourist interest in the Eastern Black Sea has increased rapidly in the last five years. The Arabs, especially from the Gulf countries, bought many houses and villas, especially Trabzon – Istanbul and Bursa. Due to the intense Arab tourist interest, Arabic place names are added to the signposts and Arabic courses are organized for tradesmen.Citizens of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan occupied the Eastern Black Sea Region. The most important reasons why Arabs who prefer to visit this region, especially Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Ordu and Giresun city centers and highlands, are cool and rainy climate and natural beauties.

First stop in Uzungöl

Alabdali family who went to Bursa, Yalova and Istanbul in the previous years said that they were fascinated by Uzungöl where they first came.Majed Alabdali is a civil servant in Saudi Arabia. the last 20 years that came with his family on holiday to Turkey, so far this year in Istanbul, Bursa, says he went to Yalova:”We came for the first time this year to Trabzon. Especially Uzungöl’de we love. Turkey went really beautiful country. Rize. We saw the Ayder but Uzungöl’de different. Close to people lives in Turkey. From time to time language problem We live here, but somehow we agree. We are more comfortable here than in Europe. We want to buy an apartment in Trabzon and stay in our own house. ”

Citizens of Saudi Arabia rank first among home buyers

Abdulrahman Al Secait, said that their children want to stay in Trabzon constantly after finishing school.According to the information given by Al Jazeera Governorate of Trabzon, 1081 people who came to the city from Arab countries between the last 2014-2016 years received 1271 houses. Abdulrahman Al Secait from Saudi Arabia is one of them.

Al Secait explains that he liked Trabzon very much when he came with his family after his retirement:”We loved the people of this region and we saw Trabzon as a place to live. We love the rain and the cool air. There are many possibilities offered by nature. There are many places to see and visit. We will stay in this house for the time being. They are very interested. The number of trades who speak foreign languages ​​is very small. We are only having trouble about this. We deal with smartphone applications or body language. ”

They care about privacy

The number of tourism travel agencies in Trabzon has increased by 100% in the last five years. According to the information we received from the Kuantum Tourism – TOUR4ARABS agency, direct flights from Riyadh and Jeddah cities of Saudi Arabia to Trabzon are effective in increasing interest in the region.”Uzungol, indispensable for the Arabs. Hıdırnebi Plateau, Sumela Monastery, Ayder and Karagöl are organizing tours.

They want to go to the army to go to the cable car. Usually a private vehicle is preferred. Privacy too, we are very important. We work with experienced drivers.Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, written in Arabic on the direction signs indicating historical and touristic places. He organized a foreign language course so that the tradesmen could easily deal with the tourists. In the first years the average stay of an Arab tourist in the city was 1.4 days. As this period increased to 8 days in 2016 and 11 days in 2018, more than 20 new hotels were opened in the city in recent years.

‘Beard shaving is very important’

Mustafa Özbektaş, a barber in the city center of Trabzon, says that he added Arabic words to the glass of his shop upon the increase in the number of Arab tourists:”Arabs are meticulous in shaving the most. The shape of the beard is very important for them. They take great care of their curls. Sometimes shaving the beard lasts longer than shaving. plenty.”

Trabzon is followed by Rize

Instead of coming with tour companies, Arabs prefer to come and visit themselves. Hotels, vehicles, food, restaurants, restaurants themselves determine. While 25 thousand Arab tourists came to Rize in 2013, this number increased to 47 thousand in 2015. In 2018, it was 60 thousand. Rize Governorate, who wants to increase the number of tourists, participated in national and international tourism fairs. Tourists who come to Rize are visiting Ayder Plateau and its surroundings, especially the Fırtına and İkizdere Valleys.


The Governor’s Office invited more than 100 Arab journalists to attract Arabs to the region and introduced the Ordu. Ordu Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, We expect an increase in the number of direct flights from Saudi Arabia.”After the promotion programs, businessmen from Gulf countries stated that they want to be investors in Ordu. They said that they could open resorts and rehabilitation centers and golf courses for the elderly. A suitable place was found in our Çaybaşı district. Ordu – Giresun airport was open and first fly did on June 19, 2016. The reactions are very positive. Our goal is 60 thousand tourists, for 2020.”

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