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Diamond - تور فور اربز
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What is Diamond?

Diamond is the carved diamond of hardness, durability and very good refractive properties. Diamond is a combination of carbon molecules. For this reason, it has a very hard structure. It can reflect light in various directions according to its sculpting patterns. Since most of the diamond crystals are in the form of 8-faced particles, they are very bright and suitable for cutting. When evaluating diamonds to be used for jewelry, color, size and cutting shapes are taken into account. Cracks on the diamond, carbon spots, reduce the value of the diamond. The pink, green and violet colors of the diamond, which are available in many colors, are very precious. It is known that diamond was discovered in India about 6 thousand years ago. China, on the other hand, was the first to use the hard structure by using diamond to cut gemstones. Diamonds were found in Australia, Russia and the United States in the 18th century. 

Considerations for Diamond Preference

While emotions are at the forefront when choosing diamond, it is important to pay attention to a few criteria. These are the cut shape, diamond color (color), the clarity and clarity of the diamond (carat weigt). Besides these 4C features, it is also important how rare the crystal is. These features are taken into account when determining the price of diamonds.

Cut Shape (Cut)

The most important of the 4C features counted is the cut, as the glow of the diamond emerges according to the quality and shape of the cut. Another reason for this is that the source of other features is nature, but the cut is created by human hand work. A good cut made with the correct proportions by calculating the reflectance of the diamond crystal can reveal the brilliance of the diamond. Diamond cutting is a very technical and expertise situation. And the cut shape should not be confused with the diamond shape. The most known and preferred cut shape is round cut. In addition, rectangular cut (emerald), two-pointed cut (marquise), square-cut round (princess), oval cut, drop and heart cuts can be made.

Color (Color)

Diamond colors are generally composed of shades of white color. According to the closest to the colorless state, letters are classified. The whitest looking and rarest ones are classified as D, E, F and G. However, H and L class diamonds are the most common in proportion. M color and lower classes are slightly yellowish toned. In addition to these, it is rarely available in other colors. These are called fantasy, and pink, yellow, and blue are at the forefront of these colors.


The diamond is a pure carbon element and carbon stains may be present on it. The scarcity of these spots increases the clarity of the diamond. Invisible spots can only be seen in microscopic size. The scarcity of carbon stains increases the rarity of the diamond.

Weight (Carat Weight)

Carat is the weight measure of the diamond. Increasing the decision of the diamond increases its value. However, value inquiry is made according to the composition of the 4C features. It is not just enough to evaluate weight.

History and Formation of Diamond

Diamond has been in human life for thousands of years and contains many different uses, historical moments and much more. Diamond is the processed version of the diamond mine, which is raw in nature. The diamonds found in nature were separated from other mines with their gloss in the early ages and different meanings have been attributed throughout history.  B.C. 800-1000 : The diamond is believed to have been discovered in India about 3,000 years ago. B.C. 327 : Alexander the Great, King of the Macedonian Empire, started to bring the first diamonds from India to Europe. 1074 : For the first time, the use of diamonds on jewelry was done by embellishing a Hungarian queen’s crown with diamonds. 1375 : The first cut to diamond was developed. Diamond was turned into a diamond for the first time with its point cut shape. Dot Cut means that the diamond comes to a standard shape with some processing from its natural shape. Before this development, only diamonds that were found in a good shape in nature were considered valuable, and diamonds, the shape of which was made out of the mine, were neglected, because no one knew how to cut or shape them. Therefore, in the formation of diamonds, the first shaped diamonds, namely diamonds, are Point Cut Diamonds and are one of the most important turning points in diamond history. 1477 : Diamond solitaire ring was first offered by Austrian Archduke Maximilian when proposing marriage to Mary of Burgundy, and the tradition of men proposing marriage with diamond rings began. However, this tradition was mainly applied by the aristocratic segment. 1520 : The Rose Cut Diamond cut was discovered, similar to a blooming bud. 1681 : Peruzzi Cut was discovered by a Venetian diamond processor. The number of facets in the crown part of the diamond was increased from 17 to 33 in Peruzzi Cut compared to the popular cuts, which increased the brightness of the diamond considerably.1902 : Cullinan Diamond, the world’s largest raw apple, was discovered in a mine in South Africa. You can check out the “World’s Most Famous Diamonds” to browse these and other similar diamonds. 1919 : The most widely used diamond shape, Brilliant Cut, was discovered by Marcel Tolkowsky. Round Cut is the most effective factor in making cut more popular than other cut types in many aspects such as optical properties, cut rates, reflecting light.

Diamond Implications

The fact that the diamond is the hardest mineral in nature and that the hardest impact does not cause damage, is an important factor for people, and many meanings have been attributed throughout history.Diamond’s Justice : Jewish high priests used diamonds to determine the innocence or guilt of people in time. According to the opinion of the priests, the diamond placed behind a guilty person would become dull and darken, while the diamond behind an innocent person would shine with increased brightness. What was the logic of using the diamond as a judge? The belief that diamonds would increase in brightness as long as one tells the facts made that situation logical at the time.Healing Diamond : About two thousand years ago, diamond was considered a miracle stone. The belief that diamond, which seems like meditative stones today, was then treated for abdominal pain, memory loss, depression, physical fatigue, infections, mental illness, nightmares, skin diseases and many more head and heart diseases.Diamonds with Tears of the Gods : According to the ancient Roman and Greek beliefs, diamonds were the tears of the gods, and even pieces of stars that broke from falling stars. A.D. In the Roman Literature works written in the first century, the irresistible love arrows of Cupid (cupid) were diamond-tipped. Plato, one of the classical Greek philosophers, saw diamond as embodied celestial spirits and living beings.Diamond with Lightning Particles : Hindus believed that diamonds were formed by lightning striking a rock, as well as putting sculptures in the eye parts.Devil’s Attraction Tool Diamond : In Persian culture, when God created the world; While it was believed that he did not need diamonds, gold and similar precious metals and stones, on the other hand, Satan was believed to create precious mines and stones in the same tone and in order to attract people, because he liked brightly colored flowers in Eden Garden of Eve.Diamond Protecting in War : In ancient times, kings leading the wars nailed diamonds to their heavy leather collars. According to the belief, diamonds had magical super powers from gods that ordinary people could not understand, and the most important of them was protecting people.Diamond, the Representative of Everlasting Love : According to the tradition that lasted from 1477 until today, diamond formation has been the subject of marriage proposal, which is the moment when love and love are felt at its peak, due to the fact that the formation of millions of years, intensive labor in its formation, and eventually the particle formed lasts a lifetime. Its use in marriage proposals is based on the marriage proposal of the Austrian Archduke Maximilian in 1477.

Where Does Diamond Word Origin Come From?

The diamond in raw form in English is called “diamond” and it is distinguished by the name of the processed diamond cutting method. For example, “diamond” basically refers to the name of the general mine, but “Oval Cut Diamond” is said to be “Oval Cut Diamond”. In English, diamond is used both in processed diamond and diamond. The most accepted cut of the diamond is “Brilliant Cut”, that is, the bright cut. The most popular cut shape when diamond gained popularity was the “Brilliant” cut as it is today. In our country, the word “Diamond” was formed when “Brilliant” was introduced into our language. In fact, “Brilliant” is the name of the most popular type of cut, while all kinds of processed diamonds in our language are called Diamonds. 

How Is Diamond Formed?

Thousands, millions, and even billions of years ago, the extreme heat and pressure that occurred over 200 km below the earth turned pure carbon (C) element into colorless diamond crystals. Diamond is a single-valued mineral consisting of a single element (carbon element).Finally, volcanic movements began to bring the diamond to the surface of the Earth. The slits that provide volcanic movements, also known as kimberlite slits, pushed the diamond to the surface, and this journey reduced the temperature of the diamond until it reached the earth. Today, regions with diamond mines are gravel deposits and ocean floor, as well as regions where predominantly volcanic activity has been observed in the past. Today, the most diamond mining mines are in Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada.Diamond takes on many other minerals and colors in trace sizes during its journey to the Earth’s surface. Diamonds in extra white are quite rare and are the most expensive. Most diamonds contain brown or yellow colors. Yellow and brown diamonds are therefore cheaper. However, other colored diamonds, blue, red, orange, pink and green diamonds, are quite expensive and collectibles since their number does not exceed 100.This beautiful and popular precious mineral may seem like a delicate glass to the eye, but it is the toughest natural substance on Earth. Although it may be possible to burn or break if very heavy conditions are provided, only diamond mine will cut or break an diamond under normal conditions. “Diamond”, which is the English of Diamond, is derived from the word “Adamas” or “Adamantinos”, which means “Cannot be tamed, easily broken” in the ancient Greek language. This shows how people view the diamond in the early ages of the diamond.The fact that diamond is the hardest substance in nature also makes it suitable for industrial use. It is used as a cutting tool in lathes, milling, drills, saws and many more machines. According to experts, 80% of all diamond mines in the world are used for industrial purposes, only 20% of them are used in precious metals and precious jewelry industry.

Is it possible for human production of diamonds?

Since the 1950s, diamonds have been created by people for industrial purposes. Industrialists were able to produce their own diamonds for industrial use by copying the diamond’s underground manufacturing process, which lasted millions of years. On the other hand, some manufacturers are now able to produce precious mineral quality diamonds in laboratories. Unlike millions of years of natural formation, the diamond developed by man in a period that can be counted with days can have the same chemical, physical and optical appearance as natural diamonds. The difference between natural and rhinestone, which has invisible differences, can only be distinguished by special tests in the laboratory. While beautiful colored diamonds are rarely found in nature, man-made diamonds can be turned into a begging color in the production process. Man-made diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds.

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