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Bodrum - تور فور اربز
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Bodrum is a region famous for its yachts spread across the world, its yachts spread around the world, its castle rising on the peninsula, which consists of the merging of the eastern and western harbors, and its snow-white houses lined on the banks of the two harbors, the gums and the narrow streets leading down to the sea.It is not in vain that Homer called ‘the land of eternal blues’ and another Bodrum Cevat Şakir said ‘he lives in the light here instead of going to sleep in another place.’ Throughout history, formerly Halikarnassos, and then Bodrum, has been a place that cannot be shared and always struggled for.

Today, Bodrum is an important tourism center that can gather all the elements expected from a holiday region and can be lived in summer and winter. It is equipped to meet the expectations of all segments from rich yachts from all over the world to income groups who can spend a long summer holiday in a pension with a limited budget.History: Bodrum has been the cradle of many civilizations in the past. Bodrum, which has been invaded by countless invasions from the Aegean islands, has been an important center for those who want to dominate the Mediterranean. Karia (Karia), which is smaller than the others, is located in the region between Ionia and Likia. Halikarnassos (Bodrum) became one of the important cities of Karia. The regional historian Heredotus, Artemisia I, the first female admiral in history, and II. He raised Artemisia, artists such as Leachares, Shepas. 

Bodrum Places to visit


Bodrum castle

 In 1522, St. Bodrum Castle, built as the castle of the Knights of Jean, stands out as the symbol of Bodrum. Bodrum Castle, built on rocks surrounded by sea on three sides between the two ports, is now used as the Museum of Underwater Archeology.

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

 Located in Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum is one of the most important underwater archeology museums in the world. 

Halicarnassus Mausoleum

 The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, built for King Mausolos by his sister and wife, is on the Seven Wonders of the World list.The monumental tomb, which has traces of Greek and Egyptian architecture and has a magnificent architecture at the time of its construction, is one of the important sightseeing points of interest for tourists.

Zeki Müren Art Gallery

 His house in Bodrum, where Zeki Müren spent the last time, has been serving as a museum since 2000. In the two-floor art gallery, the lower floor of which is decorated as used by the artist and the upper floor is used as a museum; You can see Zeki Müren’s stage costumes, special items, awards she received, letters written by her fans. 

Ancient Theater

 Ancient Theater, which is the only building in Bodrum that can reach the present day, is among the oldest theaters in Anatolia.The Antique Theater, which was restored in the 60s and has a capacity of 13 thousand people, hosts various festivals and concerts at certain times of the year. There are traces of history in the Ancient Theater, which was sacrificed for the sake of Dionysus in ancient times.

Rabbit Island

 Rabbit Island, which is surrounded by Gumusluk Bay, is among the sightseeing points that you should definitely keep in your list of places to visit with its unique nature and perfect sunset.You can reach the island by walking from the King’s Road in the sea that remains from the Ancient City of Myndos. The fact that Rabbit Island, where you can have a pleasant and peaceful time, can be reached by walking through the sea, also gives you a fun experience.

Bar Street

Bars Street, which is located in Bodrum Gumbet and is the most popular point of night life; With its venues, music, colorful and lively atmosphere, it is among the most suitable spots for those who love to have fun.

Myndos Gate

Myndos Gate, one of the entrance gates of Halikarnassos and estimated to be built in 360 BC, reveals the history of Bodrum. 


 Yalıkavak, which is a sponge-filled neighborhood connected to Bodrum, is considered among the most important tourism resorts of the district today.

Yalikavak Marina

Attracting attention with its luxury options, Yalıkavak Marina; It includes restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, shopping malls lined with luxury stores and art galleries. 

Bodrum Naval Museum

 Bodrum Maritime Museum, where documents and objects belonging to Bodrum maritime history have been exhibited since 2011, gives its visitors clues about Bodrum’s maritime culture.


Located about 20 km from Bodrum, Güvercinlik is among the important tourist resorts of Bodrum.


Türkbükü, another tourist district of Bodrum, can be considered among the important holiday resorts especially for yachts. The popular holiday destination, which is frequently preferred by yacht owners because it is surrounded by hills, hosts many holidaymakers every year.  

Local Foods of Bodrum

Stuffed zucchini flowersSour BonitoStuffed MulletRock Preserve SaladMustard Grass SaladCokertme Kebab (Bodrum Kebab)Octopus SoupBitez Ice CreamTurkish Delight Pilaf

Luxury Hotels in Bodrum

Cape Bodrum Beach Luxury ResortCaresse Resort & SpaHotel Karia PrincessMandarin OrientalMivara Luxury Resort & SpaSalmakis Resort & SpaSwissotel Resort Bodrum BeachThe MarmaraTitanic Deluxe BodrumVoyage Bodrum

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